Thursday, February 05, 2015

Uppity much?

In this article, Negress and actress Cicely Tyson tells us about a racist comment that she still remembers decades after it was uttered to her. Quoting the article:

[...] Tyson says she was asked to meet a reporter at a prominent hotel for an interview. "I came in with my raincoat and a couple of other things, and I went to the check booth," Tyson says. "She took one look at me and said ...

Multiple Choice Time!!! Choose what was said:

1) This establishment is for Whites only. You're going to have to leave.
2) We don't serve your kind here, nigger.
3) Where'd you get that fancy coat, girl? Did you steal it?
4) I knew I smelled wet koon poon!
5) Oh, we don't take these here, you have to go around the back.

Let's watch and find out.

First off, nigger, assuming she was telling you to use the colored person's entrance or check booth, she was in fact doing her job.

Secondly, nigger, your story lacks a middle - it simply begins and ends. A clerk said  - and you said. What could come between? How about a simple question - "What do you mean by that?" You see, had you asked that question, nigger, the check booth girl may have said...

1) We don't take wet coats here, we have a a room with a radiator to dry them.
2) Your parcels - you will have to check them in a secure area.
3) We don't serve colored people here. (Queue the outraged diatribe!)

As it stands, your story is one of assumption that something racist was happening, when objective evidence is lacking. Had you acquired such evidence, I would not be inclined to chalk this up to overly-sensitive uppity darkie-ism. Let me give you another example, nigger ...

Imagine, nigger, you are walking through a buffet line and the server says, "Would you like fried chicken?" Using your story telling model, the response is - "What I want is to be treated like a human being!!!" And decades later you retell this event as a racist parable of the time someone offered you fried chicken because you are a black person.

Using my story telling model, you could ask "Do you have anything else?" And the server's response may be: "I'm sorry, I only serve fried chicken at this station. You just passed the brisket station, if you would prefer that ... nigger"


  1. Mike 325
    I didn't watch the video, I can't bear to hear niggers babble, this niggerish tale reminds me of that fat cow Oprah and her numerous "rayciss" accusations, all. Were proven hoaxes, this washed up old neigress is just crying for attention,which is what all coons do

    1. Hello Mike,

      I completely understand you not wanting to waste time listening to some old black cunt. Your racial insight serves you well. You know that one can expect nothing from a darkie except "Dat be raycist, yo".

      For those who wish to skip the video, the answer is #5. I find this story an important example of where we are as a people. Remember, this cunt lived during a time when segregation was still legal, and civil rights workers were getting lynched. But her worst memory is of being "dissed" by a check booth girl. Perhaps she should check her black privilege.

  2. Maybe she'd like to move to current day Sydney Australia where in many areas the darkies make up over 80% of the population. Then she can see if the arabs, asians and africans treat her better than the hotel clerk. Reckon not.

    1. An excellent suggestion. This link provides a wonderful reminder to the sub-apes that it is only the White Western race that has any interest in the humanity and dignity of all people.