Friday, February 06, 2015

Today's Counter-Propaganda: Black "Power 2 Act"

Today, I would like to share another propaganda pic in the line of "Blacks can't be racist because they don't have any power to wield against Whites". An example I have already discussed can be found here: #WhitesLie for #BlackLives. In that previous case, the propaganda took this form:

At the time I said:

I think that by the time we see such opinions sprouting in the manure of social media, said opinions have miles of underground tendrils linking back to the Marxist indoctrination factories (universities).

And today's propaganda proves that the tendrils continue to creep, and the fungi continue to sprout. Same message, different day:

Ha, some sort of Samurai Tiger Negro - kind of like that idiot nigger shot by cops for brandishing a katana.

I offer this rebuttal to this laughably inept leftist drivel - 

1) FREEDOM - In the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, two young White people were kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered by a gang of niggers. Evidently, niggers can use their "power 2 act" to deprive people of freedom (and life). And if you wish to argue that the crime was not racially motivated, I would ask what you would say had the colors of the victims and perpetrators been reversed - you filthy fucking hypocrite.

2) EMPLOYMENT - Here we have the case of a supervisor who was fired because of false claims of racism from one of her nigger subordinates. She ended up having to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit against the corporation for whom she worked. So - if darkies use their "power 2 act" to falsely cry racism and deprive you of your employment, wouldn't that also count as racism?

3) ECONOMICS - In Ferguson, crowds of rampaging niggers trashed and looted the store Michael Brown robbed before he was shot. Looks like koons were pretty willing to use their "power 2 act" against this fellow, doesn't it ...

Dear leftist propagandist-failure: Maybe you should stop wasting your time doodling nigger anime characters and start pay attention during your Introduction to Logic course.

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