Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russian Has Testicles Stolen

Yeah, that is something that apparently happens. Quoting:

Dmitry Nikolaev remembers having a drink with a "young blonde woman" who approached him at a bar after one of his performances at a small Moscow theatre.

The 30-year-old married man took the mystery blonde to a sauna, kissed her - then woke-up without his testicles some hours later. [...]

Police in Russia fear the star had his testicles removed by a gang seeking to sell human organs on the black market.

Stop! Up to the point you claimed this was a black market gang who sells human organs, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now - no.There is no medical use for this guy's severed testicles. You're telling me black marker organ harvesters left the kidneys, heart, and liver but took the testes? No.

If this was some weird revenge scheme or obsessed stalker o.k. If that is the claim, I will reserve judgment. But the idea that a pair of testicles were whisked away on ice to be transplanted to some needy empty-sack is beyond absurd.

Unlikely to have testicles stolen.

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