Monday, February 16, 2015

None dare call it child abuse...

In the 21st century, parental abuse of their offspring has taken a turn away from the beatings and molestation of the bad old days, into the hideous mindfuck of cultural Marxism. Case in point, the tale of Ryland Whittington, a deaf girl whose parents have decided to raise as a boy.

And why did they decide this? Was it because the child has ambiguous genitalia caused by a birth defect, requiring the parents make a medically necessary decision? Of course not. It is simply because, quoting:

As soon as Ryland could speak she would scream "I am a boy!".

Ryland wanted everyone to know that she was a boy. Some people told Ryland's parents that it was "just a phase." But the thing about phases is that they end. Ryland's feelings and expression of them only got stronger.

Jeff and Hillary reached out for help from professionals, learned everything they could, and came to the only conclusion that existed: Their child was transgender. Ryland was born with female anatomy, but Ryland's brain identifies as male.

Well thank God she didn't repeatedly scream "I am a potato!" otherwise you may have buried her in shallow soil hoping she would send up sprouts. Since when does a child screaming "I am X" make it so? I remember hearing a child scream, "I am Iron Man!" while on line in a Walmart - yet he was unable to shoot energy bolts from his hands. What a fucking little liar!

Be serious A-drey-drey! It is so much more important when a child expresses gender confusion, we just have to do something!

Oh, do we now? Just as the inability to shoot energy bolts from your hands supports the argument that you are not Iron Man, perhaps the lack of a penis, testes, and a Y-chromosome might be enough to convince you that you are not male? Did you try pointing any of this out to the child?

Be serious A-drey-drey! She is only five, she doesn't know anything about human anatomy and physiology!

Exactly. And yet she is to be trusted when she declares herself a boy, just as the child who declares he is Iron Man?

That's different, A-drey-drey! Read about the dangers Ryland faces... 

Ryland began to display increasing amounts of shame [...] No matter Ryland's gender, Ryland's parents wanted him *alive*. Studies show that 41% of transgender adults have attempted suicide.

Just how many 5-year-old "transgender" children have attempted suicide, hmm? And your source for this information about transgender adult suicide must be some unbiased, peer-reviewed journal of medical science right? Nope - your source is the Williams Institute, a UCLA legal thinktank for LGBT issues. And where is the causation here? Isn't it possible that transgender people are innately crazy, which explains their purportedly higher suicide rates? Show me your proof that humoring the insane makes them less likely to do crazy shit.

How dare you A-drey-drey!

Silence, imaginary leftist!!! I am done with this literary device. Ryland can't be allowed to experience shame, so let's make the entire Western World shameless on her behalf. Pathetic. In a sane society, this abuse would never have happened in the first place, let alone be encouraged by others. Western Civilization is sick to its soul. This disgraceful family is just a symptom of the greater disease.

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