Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Receipt-Based Culture Wars

Since reviving this blog in 2013, I have posted several stories involving the impact of Cultural Marxism on customer service. It seems that servers and customers alike have decided to fight the Culture War via receipts for goods and services. Here is a list:

1) A Korean woman sued CVS after receiving a receipt that named her as "Ching Chong Lee". LINK
2) A Red Lobster waitress  accused a White man of writing "None Nigger" on the tip line of a receipt. (Both she and Red Lobster are being sued by said White man, who claims he was defamed). LINK
3) A Carrabbas waiter was not tipped by a couple, who instead wrote on the receipt that they could not tip him because of his homosexual lifestyle. LINK
4) A lying dyke, hoping for a cash windfall from a gullible public, forged a receipt that said the same sort of thing as what was written on the Carrabbas waiter's receipt. LINK

And today ...

A waiter has posted a check online, which he claims was from Valentine’s Day. On it, a lengthy, angry note is written, telling the waiter that he was “stereotyping” his customers by assuming he would receive no tip. Therefore, because he stereotyped them, he received no tip.

The bill came to a sizable $163.40. Next to “tip,” two lines were drawn through indicating that the waiter would receive nothing extra. The explanation was on the back of the receipt.

“Your service tonight was great,” the note explains, “until it was time to settle the check. The caucasian couple in front of us came in behind us. However, they received their check first an their table cleaned off?? Really? Please do not assume because we are young and black, a tip will not be received.”

If this is genuine, and he did make such an assumption, he was correct, wasn't he?

I am tempted to believe this story outright because it demonstrates such perfect nigger logic. But I shall hold off unless more conclusive evidence emerges. What do you think, gentle reader(s)?


  1. Caucasians in front, Caucasians behind. Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

  2. Caucasians in front, Caucasians behind - must be on line in Whole Foods.

  3. "Caucasians in front, Caucasians behind..." Ah yes, Stealers Wheel.
    Anyway, tangentially related, I have a 7-page-long item with my look at blacks and America. I'm white. It includes short details of a few events that black Americans were involved in, and not in a good way. Send me e-mail if you want to see it: cornell9 [at] earthlink.net