Friday, February 20, 2015

Lactation Intolerant

Look at these two deviants, and try to guess the crime of which they are guilty:

You know, it might be easier to come up with a crime you think they did not commit. For example, stealing soap and deodorant. Prepare yourself to be appalled:

Stephen Michael Williams Jr., 26, and Amanda Marie Hancock, 21, of the small timber town of Glendale, are accused of causing the death of their 7-week-old son through neglect and maltreatment.

[...] An affidavit filed by deputies says the parents told investigators they did pornography, which involved the mother self-lactating while others paid to watch online. [...]

Williams told investigators he thought the baby had lost some weight, but he didn't call the doctor "because that was Amanda's responsibility," the document said.

On behalf of the White race, I would like to thank you Michael and Amanda for murdering your baby via neglect. It may not have been your intention, but it is for the best. I apologize that our defective civilization permitted you to reproduce in the first place. If you wish, please leave your contact information in the comments below, and I will raise funds for you both to be voluntarily sterilized. Yours in Hate, Adrean Arlott


  1. Would you take a punt on his ethnicity?

    1. Hello Susan,

      I assumed he was half-goat. Shaved, he might pass as Gollum. He is certainly one of the ugliest people I have ever seen. In a sane society, he and his parents would have been sterilized upon his birth, and this unpleasantness would never have happened.

      I will guess he is a Melungeon. It is my go to ethnicity to explain aberrant genetics in the United States.


  2. Yes, that's it - half goat! I knew you'd be able to identify it. It's just missing the horns and pan pipe and neurons. I'm new to the term Melungeon but after doing some research I'm sticking with half goat over Melungeon and Gollum. Evil goat. It makes me wonder about evolution by way of natural selection.

    1. I can see you appreciate the classics. Our ancient Greek predecessors might have been on to something with their description of the satyr.

      Natural selection just isn't cutting it anymore. We've done to much to thwart the Mother's handiwork. We need a whole lot of artificial selection, very very soon to get these goats out of the gene pool.