Monday, February 23, 2015

Kikes on a Plane Video Goes Viral

Some typical Jew behavior on a flight from Tel Aviv to Bulgaria had one steward ready to declare, "I have had it with these motherfucking kikes on this motherfucking plane!" quoting:

This astonishing video of an incident that occurred on an Israir airlines flight from Tel Aviv to the seaside resort of Varna, Bulgaria, last weekend has become a social media sensation among Israelis.

This is a transcript of the video from Israel’s Walla! News, translated by Israel expert Dena Shunra. Be warned, it contains very foul language:

Passenger A: You’re gonna sell me chocolate, do you understand that? You work for me, I paid money for you.

Flight attendant: I don’t work for you. You wish I’d be working for you.

[...] Passenger B (A’s sister, shouting from the other side of the plane): Sell her the chocolate, what is she, an Arab? Kuss rabak [Arabic expletive], sell chocolate! Do you hear? [...]

Passenger seated near passenger A: I put my dick on you, and on Varna, your mother’s mother’s cunt, you maniac, you son of a whore, you fucker, you piece of a son of a thousand…

Meanwhile his companions, including passengers A and B, move to stop his outburst. The passenger later grabs onto the flight attendant’s elbow. The flight attendant warns him: “Watch out.”

Holy crap. Can you imagine if someone not of the tribe behaved this way on a plane? However, the rude behavior isn't what is drawing attention - it is the alleged racism in the statement "What is she, an Arab?" You see, that is supposed to show just how racist Israeli's are - kind of like saying, "What is she, a nigger?"

Bah. The outrageous sense of entitlement is what should really be drawing condemnation, not some offhand dig at Arabs. But what is one to do? This is just your weekly reminder that racism is not the sole purview of White people, and that racism will defeat humanity.

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