Saturday, February 21, 2015

Imagine there's no darkies

Today I considered something trivial while thinking about an old episode of the Twilight Zone and the song Imagine. Imagine there's no darkies (forgive the grammar, it's easy if you try). Imagine if I wished them away into the cornfield.

Well, I said to myself, there'd still be mud people. So wish them away into the cornfield as well.

Then there would still be White people infected with Judaism and Islam. Wish them away to the cornfield.

And then the faggots and the dykes and the pedophiles and scatophiles and all the other perverts - cornfield those corn-holers.

The druggies and alcoholics - cornfield, hiccup.

Retards, morons, and genetic defectives - cornfield durrrpp.

Leftists who would raid the sperm banks to try and recreate the darker races - cornfield with a vengeance.

White guiltists who would chastise me and create a new religion around repenting my original sin of racism - cornfield those cretins.

Whiggers who would try to keep non-White music and dance and art alive - cornfield ... yo.

Whose left besides nice, smiling White people doing White things? If I missed any other imperfections, I would rectify that soon enough.

And for what? How many of those Whities would deserve Whiteopia? They didn't make it for themselves when they had the power to do so. Before the cornfield, they would have hung me out to dry if I had said "nigger" in public. Before the cornfield, they were watching Fox News and rooting for Israel to nuke Iran. Before the cornfield, they spent their Sundays worshiping their Negro feetsballers. Before the cornfield, they were shooting Nazis on their X-boxes and chanting U-S-A, U-S-A!

What minimal fraction of the remaining Whities knew the score, admitted it, and cared we were losing before the cornfield? How many were White Whateverists? 1%? 1% of 1%? 1% of 1% of 1%?  Of the White Whateverists, how many would now turn on me because I didn't accept Jebus as my personal Lord and Savior? How many would spend their nights on the interwebs fighting the got-game gender wars as the birthrate remained below replacement levels? How many would disown my Cornfield Solution and claim they never wanted the darkies gone completely, they just wanted their own all-White living space?

Such introspection leads me to two conclusions that I will not share at this time. I simply encourage other White Whateverists to consider the same hypothetical situation.

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