Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Disease of the Blind with its own Corporate Logo?

Today, I saw this commercial about Non-24, a God-awful sleeping disorder that affects the "totally blind":

Can you see my problem with this commercial? No? What are you, totally blind? Oh, durp!

It is a visual commercial directed at the blind! WTF?

According to this article, there are 100,000 totally blind people in the United States, and 55-70% of them suffer from Non-24. The producer of this commercial is a pharmaceutical research corporation, Vanda, that appears to be looking for test subjects, not customers.

I wish Vanda luck in their endeavor to find treatment options for the afflicted. However, I think their commercial is terribly confusing. You see, to resolve my cognitive dissonance, I had to go to the Non-24 website to figure out why the hell a pharmaceutical company had targeted a visual commercial at the blind, and why they created a visual, product-brand-like logo for a disease. However, it is very likely others will not be so inclined.

This is all very weird. You can say Vanda is not targeting the blind but instead the sighted caregivers of the blind, but then why didn't they just say that? Why go through the motions of making a visual commercial that plays out like any other drug-company commercial, with pictures of people doing daily chores with vapid expressions, while a disembodied voice intones - "Start living your life today, free of genital warts, with twice-daily PussWartia. Side effects include explosive diarrhea from the penis or vagina, the growth of armpit vaginas in men, and rectal sentience. If your anus begins speaking for longer than four hours while taking PussWartia, seek immediate medical attention."

I believe the answer to why Vanda would make a visual commercial is what is causing my cognitive dissonance in the first place. I believe they consciously chose to make the commercial appear like a pharmaceutical commercial aimed at a specific target population, even though it was truly neither of these things, but was instead aimed at the sighted caregivers of the blind. And why would they do this? Because, to make a commercial targeted to the caregivers of the blind would not be politically correct. Political correctness requires that Vanda not show helpless, sleepless blind people sitting in a still room while a concerned loved one witnesses his/her discomfort. No. Instead, we must create the narrative that the blind can do anything the sighted can do, and they are going to see this commercial and take charge of their sleep disorder. Because the blind are just like anyone else dammit - they wash clothes, get kids from the bus, walk down stairs alone or in pairs, and make a slinkity sound.

I better leave it there for today. Cognitive dissonance dissipated.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Zendaya and the Dreadful Faux Pas

While I search through the interwebs as part of my daily effort to promote racism and White Whateverism, I sometimes encounter stories that don't make a lot of sense until race is factored in. Allow me to take you through the experience. Quoting:

As the backlash against Giuliana Rancic grows, she has changed her story and thrown Fashion Police writers under the bus, claiming they penned the controversial “joke” that she made about Zendaya Coleman‘s dreadlocks.

O.K. Sounds like someone might have been easily offended. A good start. But I have to untangle who the hell these people are ...

Giuliana Rancic: Giuliana Rancic (née DePandi;born August 17, 1974) is an Italian-American television personality.

Fashion Police: is an American television series that premiered on September 10, 2010 on E!. It was originally hosted by Joan Rivers and featured panelists George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic, and Kelly Osbourne commenting on celebrity fashions.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman (born September 1, 1996), known simply as Zendaya (/zɛnˈdeɪə/ zen-day-ə), is an American actress, singer and dancer.

O.K. So Guiliana made a fashion joke about Zendaya. Got it.


Billy Bush spoke directly to Giuliana Rancic this morning and has learned that her comments that the 18-year-old’s dreadlocks looked like they smelled like ‘patchouli’ and ‘maybe weed,’ were penned by a Fashion Police show writer [...]

O.K. So a comedy show likened someone to a Deadhead. Not seeing the outrage yet. Let's see the hair in question.

Uh, oh. Dread-locked Darkie Zendaya on the left, Mediterranid Rancic on the right. This is about race isn't it?

Concluding the article...

What do you think about Rancic’s excuse that she didn’t write the racist joke? Sound off in comments below.

And what follows are over a hundred comments debating whether or not what was said was racist. God damn - I guess niggers are totally beyond any criticism nowadays, huh?

So what do I think? Racist? Not Racist? I think that nigger cunt looks like she glued cat vomit hairballs to her head, that's what I think. What a disgusting nigger.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russian Has Testicles Stolen

Yeah, that is something that apparently happens. Quoting:

Dmitry Nikolaev remembers having a drink with a "young blonde woman" who approached him at a bar after one of his performances at a small Moscow theatre.

The 30-year-old married man took the mystery blonde to a sauna, kissed her - then woke-up without his testicles some hours later. [...]

Police in Russia fear the star had his testicles removed by a gang seeking to sell human organs on the black market.

Stop! Up to the point you claimed this was a black market gang who sells human organs, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now - no.There is no medical use for this guy's severed testicles. You're telling me black marker organ harvesters left the kidneys, heart, and liver but took the testes? No.

If this was some weird revenge scheme or obsessed stalker o.k. If that is the claim, I will reserve judgment. But the idea that a pair of testicles were whisked away on ice to be transplanted to some needy empty-sack is beyond absurd.

Unlikely to have testicles stolen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Death of the Niggeriest Negro

Do you watch the popular television program The Biggest Loser?

If you do - please go away and die. You are feeding the Cyclops, and you must suffer the consequences. I mean it. The universe has no room for you. Please leave a note on your corpse admitting your shame, so we will know to desecrate your body before we burn it. Thank you.

If you know of the program, but you refuse to waste your time on such nonsense - I applaud you. Please read on.

Recently there was news that a former contestant from that program had died at the ripe old age of 38. Now you probably think it was from a heart attack, or diabetes, or choking to death on an entire ham, but no! Quoting:

There's tragic news about one of "The Biggest Loser's" past contestants. Damien Gurganious has died.

"Damien suffered from the sudden onset of a rare autoimmune disorder, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), which caused inoperable bleeding in his brain," his wife Nicole explained in a Facebook post.

Both Damien and Nicole are familiar to viewers of the reality TV weight-loss competition. While engaged, they competed together on "The Biggest Loser: Couples 2" in 2009. Damien was eliminated from the competition in week three, but still came back with his own personal victory on finale night, having dropped 136 pounds — doing most of the work at home.

Before I go further, allow me to state that I find this ITP diagnosis suspicious, and I honestly do not believe there was not some underlying condition like HIV or HEP C infection that is being ignored in favor of a more obscure diagnosis.

Next, allow me to say that anyone who tosses away what little dignity they may have by going on a program bearing a name that overtly mocks their socially unacceptable rotundity deserves an early grave.

And in closing, allow me to declare that you cannot turn away the fates. They have determined when your thread will be cut. Fat or thin, fit or failing, your time is up when they say. And that is what makes this story so delightful! How many fat-hating morons told Damien Gargantupotamus (or whatever his last name is) that getting in shape was his ticket to longevity? Ha! Genetics is the key to your longevity, and incidentally, the key to the success of our White Western Civilization. It is a shame that people are so ignorant of this reality.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Compulsory Diversity News: 1000 Posts Later

Today's post is my 1,000th since I started this blog in 2006. I would like, if I may, to share with you something I have been kicking around in my mind for quite some time.

Has it ever occurred to you that we may be in Hell together, you and I? Not the deepest part of it ... not yet. But if you wanted to punish a reasonable, White, Western person who loves his/her people, wouldn't the world today be a good place to send such a person? Certainly, White people have faced much worse calamities - marauding Asiatics from the steppes, slave-raiding Corsairs on the coasts, Islamic invasions of the Balkans and Spain. But always there was an effort to fight back, to drive out the threat and punish the offense.

Now the gates are opened - everywhere - simultaneously. The descendants of our tormentors are replacing us as surely as if their ancestors had defeated our own. What is worse is that the vast majority of our people don't care. And what is truly horrific is that such a significant number of our people not only welcome it, but facilitate the end of White Western people.

When I read Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints, I was both appalled and stunned. Certainly some of the characterizations were too absurd (which I found appalling), but the fundamental truth was there (which stunned me). The West, and the White race by extension, will die by a combination of its good intentions and its lack of will to defend its existence. All the violations and infamies that follow will be the price of weakness.

But why? Do you ever ask yourself why it has to be this way? Don't go for a mechanical answer and pin this on a scapegoat. Don't dismiss such questioning as defeatism. Consider this spiritually and ask what kind of God permits over two millenia of Western Civilization to end in suicide? My answer would be one who wants people to suffer. But which people? The people who commit suicide end their suffering. The people who don't care about the suicide will not suffer at all. What is left is those of us who despair when we see our people killing themselves. We are the ones God is punishing, and this is our Hell.

A picture from London, taken in 2010 ...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kikes on a Plane Video Goes Viral

Some typical Jew behavior on a flight from Tel Aviv to Bulgaria had one steward ready to declare, "I have had it with these motherfucking kikes on this motherfucking plane!" quoting:

This astonishing video of an incident that occurred on an Israir airlines flight from Tel Aviv to the seaside resort of Varna, Bulgaria, last weekend has become a social media sensation among Israelis.

This is a transcript of the video from Israel’s Walla! News, translated by Israel expert Dena Shunra. Be warned, it contains very foul language:

Passenger A: You’re gonna sell me chocolate, do you understand that? You work for me, I paid money for you.

Flight attendant: I don’t work for you. You wish I’d be working for you.

[...] Passenger B (A’s sister, shouting from the other side of the plane): Sell her the chocolate, what is she, an Arab? Kuss rabak [Arabic expletive], sell chocolate! Do you hear? [...]

Passenger seated near passenger A: I put my dick on you, and on Varna, your mother’s mother’s cunt, you maniac, you son of a whore, you fucker, you piece of a son of a thousand…

Meanwhile his companions, including passengers A and B, move to stop his outburst. The passenger later grabs onto the flight attendant’s elbow. The flight attendant warns him: “Watch out.”

Holy crap. Can you imagine if someone not of the tribe behaved this way on a plane? However, the rude behavior isn't what is drawing attention - it is the alleged racism in the statement "What is she, an Arab?" You see, that is supposed to show just how racist Israeli's are - kind of like saying, "What is she, a nigger?"

Bah. The outrageous sense of entitlement is what should really be drawing condemnation, not some offhand dig at Arabs. But what is one to do? This is just your weekly reminder that racism is not the sole purview of White people, and that racism will defeat humanity.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why the South Fought

May 15th, 1862

I snapped this photo of Cyrus P. Humphries using his slave as a stool.

"Cyrus", I said, "I do believe the Northerners have a point. Slavery has gone too far when you need your own personal balls warmer."

"Mr. Arlott", he responded, "Quintell here is serving as my stool. The warmth he conveys to my danglers is incidental to his primary function as a seat."

"But Cyrus, do you not think it would be better to end the South's dependence on living furniture?"

"Never!" cried Cyrus. "I'll be damned if I am to see my dining room set granted its freedom."

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Imagine there's no darkies

Today I considered something trivial while thinking about an old episode of the Twilight Zone and the song Imagine. Imagine there's no darkies (forgive the grammar, it's easy if you try). Imagine if I wished them away into the cornfield.

Well, I said to myself, there'd still be mud people. So wish them away into the cornfield as well.

Then there would still be White people infected with Judaism and Islam. Wish them away to the cornfield.

And then the faggots and the dykes and the pedophiles and scatophiles and all the other perverts - cornfield those corn-holers.

The druggies and alcoholics - cornfield, hiccup.

Retards, morons, and genetic defectives - cornfield durrrpp.

Leftists who would raid the sperm banks to try and recreate the darker races - cornfield with a vengeance.

White guiltists who would chastise me and create a new religion around repenting my original sin of racism - cornfield those cretins.

Whiggers who would try to keep non-White music and dance and art alive - cornfield ... yo.

Whose left besides nice, smiling White people doing White things? If I missed any other imperfections, I would rectify that soon enough.

And for what? How many of those Whities would deserve Whiteopia? They didn't make it for themselves when they had the power to do so. Before the cornfield, they would have hung me out to dry if I had said "nigger" in public. Before the cornfield, they were watching Fox News and rooting for Israel to nuke Iran. Before the cornfield, they spent their Sundays worshiping their Negro feetsballers. Before the cornfield, they were shooting Nazis on their X-boxes and chanting U-S-A, U-S-A!

What minimal fraction of the remaining Whities knew the score, admitted it, and cared we were losing before the cornfield? How many were White Whateverists? 1%? 1% of 1%? 1% of 1% of 1%?  Of the White Whateverists, how many would now turn on me because I didn't accept Jebus as my personal Lord and Savior? How many would spend their nights on the interwebs fighting the got-game gender wars as the birthrate remained below replacement levels? How many would disown my Cornfield Solution and claim they never wanted the darkies gone completely, they just wanted their own all-White living space?

Such introspection leads me to two conclusions that I will not share at this time. I simply encourage other White Whateverists to consider the same hypothetical situation.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lactation Intolerant

Look at these two deviants, and try to guess the crime of which they are guilty:

You know, it might be easier to come up with a crime you think they did not commit. For example, stealing soap and deodorant. Prepare yourself to be appalled:

Stephen Michael Williams Jr., 26, and Amanda Marie Hancock, 21, of the small timber town of Glendale, are accused of causing the death of their 7-week-old son through neglect and maltreatment.

[...] An affidavit filed by deputies says the parents told investigators they did pornography, which involved the mother self-lactating while others paid to watch online. [...]

Williams told investigators he thought the baby had lost some weight, but he didn't call the doctor "because that was Amanda's responsibility," the document said.

On behalf of the White race, I would like to thank you Michael and Amanda for murdering your baby via neglect. It may not have been your intention, but it is for the best. I apologize that our defective civilization permitted you to reproduce in the first place. If you wish, please leave your contact information in the comments below, and I will raise funds for you both to be voluntarily sterilized. Yours in Hate, Adrean Arlott

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wong Direction

I missed this one back in 2013. Forgive me if you have already seen it:

It took me a bit to figure out why this picture had roused the ire of the easily offended. Was it something about his ewrection? Then it hit me ... One Direction ... the British boy band. Ha! Bad enough that he is mocked for his Engrish, he's also a little faggot too!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Receipt-Based Culture Wars

Since reviving this blog in 2013, I have posted several stories involving the impact of Cultural Marxism on customer service. It seems that servers and customers alike have decided to fight the Culture War via receipts for goods and services. Here is a list:

1) A Korean woman sued CVS after receiving a receipt that named her as "Ching Chong Lee". LINK
2) A Red Lobster waitress  accused a White man of writing "None Nigger" on the tip line of a receipt. (Both she and Red Lobster are being sued by said White man, who claims he was defamed). LINK
3) A Carrabbas waiter was not tipped by a couple, who instead wrote on the receipt that they could not tip him because of his homosexual lifestyle. LINK
4) A lying dyke, hoping for a cash windfall from a gullible public, forged a receipt that said the same sort of thing as what was written on the Carrabbas waiter's receipt. LINK

And today ...

A waiter has posted a check online, which he claims was from Valentine’s Day. On it, a lengthy, angry note is written, telling the waiter that he was “stereotyping” his customers by assuming he would receive no tip. Therefore, because he stereotyped them, he received no tip.

The bill came to a sizable $163.40. Next to “tip,” two lines were drawn through indicating that the waiter would receive nothing extra. The explanation was on the back of the receipt.

“Your service tonight was great,” the note explains, “until it was time to settle the check. The caucasian couple in front of us came in behind us. However, they received their check first an their table cleaned off?? Really? Please do not assume because we are young and black, a tip will not be received.”

If this is genuine, and he did make such an assumption, he was correct, wasn't he?

I am tempted to believe this story outright because it demonstrates such perfect nigger logic. But I shall hold off unless more conclusive evidence emerges. What do you think, gentle reader(s)?

Monday, February 16, 2015

None dare call it child abuse...

In the 21st century, parental abuse of their offspring has taken a turn away from the beatings and molestation of the bad old days, into the hideous mindfuck of cultural Marxism. Case in point, the tale of Ryland Whittington, a deaf girl whose parents have decided to raise as a boy.

And why did they decide this? Was it because the child has ambiguous genitalia caused by a birth defect, requiring the parents make a medically necessary decision? Of course not. It is simply because, quoting:

As soon as Ryland could speak she would scream "I am a boy!".

Ryland wanted everyone to know that she was a boy. Some people told Ryland's parents that it was "just a phase." But the thing about phases is that they end. Ryland's feelings and expression of them only got stronger.

Jeff and Hillary reached out for help from professionals, learned everything they could, and came to the only conclusion that existed: Their child was transgender. Ryland was born with female anatomy, but Ryland's brain identifies as male.

Well thank God she didn't repeatedly scream "I am a potato!" otherwise you may have buried her in shallow soil hoping she would send up sprouts. Since when does a child screaming "I am X" make it so? I remember hearing a child scream, "I am Iron Man!" while on line in a Walmart - yet he was unable to shoot energy bolts from his hands. What a fucking little liar!

Be serious A-drey-drey! It is so much more important when a child expresses gender confusion, we just have to do something!

Oh, do we now? Just as the inability to shoot energy bolts from your hands supports the argument that you are not Iron Man, perhaps the lack of a penis, testes, and a Y-chromosome might be enough to convince you that you are not male? Did you try pointing any of this out to the child?

Be serious A-drey-drey! She is only five, she doesn't know anything about human anatomy and physiology!

Exactly. And yet she is to be trusted when she declares herself a boy, just as the child who declares he is Iron Man?

That's different, A-drey-drey! Read about the dangers Ryland faces... 

Ryland began to display increasing amounts of shame [...] No matter Ryland's gender, Ryland's parents wanted him *alive*. Studies show that 41% of transgender adults have attempted suicide.

Just how many 5-year-old "transgender" children have attempted suicide, hmm? And your source for this information about transgender adult suicide must be some unbiased, peer-reviewed journal of medical science right? Nope - your source is the Williams Institute, a UCLA legal thinktank for LGBT issues. And where is the causation here? Isn't it possible that transgender people are innately crazy, which explains their purportedly higher suicide rates? Show me your proof that humoring the insane makes them less likely to do crazy shit.

How dare you A-drey-drey!

Silence, imaginary leftist!!! I am done with this literary device. Ryland can't be allowed to experience shame, so let's make the entire Western World shameless on her behalf. Pathetic. In a sane society, this abuse would never have happened in the first place, let alone be encouraged by others. Western Civilization is sick to its soul. This disgraceful family is just a symptom of the greater disease.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

You can't take the baller out of the game ...

Moochelle's expression makes it look like that nigger boy in the middle just farted.

RACISTS, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! Quoting:

Supporters of a Chicago Little League team on Thursday charged that the team’s title was revoked as a result of ubiquitous racism, according to CBS News. The allegation came a day after Little League International announced that the Jackie Robinson West All-Stars roster included kids who lived outside the team’s boundaries [...]

At an afternoon press conference, the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked, “Is this about boundaries or race?”

OOO!!! OOO!!! Reverend Jackson!!! Reverend Jackson!!! Pick me!!! I've got my hand raised!!! I can answer that!!! Reverend Jackson!!! Reverend Jackson!!!

Go ahead, A-drey-drey...

It's about boundaries, but you are going to turn it into an issue of race because that's what you do you filthy-fucking, race-baiting, father-of-a-disgraced-dope-fiend, bugged-eyed, nonsense-rhyming, poverty-pimping NIGGER!

But the sport’s governing body announced that team officials had engaged in a Little League version of political gerrymandering. Instead of politicians redrawing district maps to pick up votes, it was local league officials who changed the boundaries that determined where players must live. And after learning that their scheme had been exposed, they scrambled to convince surrounding leagues to go along with what they had done.

But, racism! Right?

Yeah, yeah. Slavery made them do it. And according to this article, they've been doing it for decades. Whitie's just angry because he lost to niggers, and not because niggers cheated. Rules are just there to hold down the darkies. If Nubian prince Tyrell-a-shante has his textbook open during the exam and Whitie McWhitebread doesn't, it's racist for Whitie boy to tell the teacher. What-fucking-ever. Tired of this shit yet, Whitie?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

More Good News in Racism

That greatest bastion of White Supremacist power in the Western Hemisphere, the Dominican Republic, recently witnessed a horrific lynching of a sub-ape of the Haitian variety. Quoting:

A 19-year-old Haitian was reportedly beaten and hanged in a public square in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the Haiti Sentinel reports.

The victim, identified only as “Tulile,”
* was hanged in the square of Ercilia Pepin, his hands and feet tied up, near the María José Cabral and Baez hospital, where he reportedly worked shining shoes.

According to the news site, some are decrying the hanging as a hate crime and saying that Tulile was attacked simply for being Haitian.

*This article provides more information about the victim, including his real name Claude Jean Harry. The mulatto SJW who wrote the article actually blames Western Nations for the crime:

The US-installed Martelly dictatorship and its controlled opposition remain silent about this atrocity. The activist-for-hire human rights industry, like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the big NGOs and the UN, along with the former slave holding nations and Canada have also remained relatively silent about the treatment of Haitians in the Dominican Republic.

[...] In fact, the US colonization of the DR, effectively since the failed 1963 independence struggle, has rendered Dominican women to be the fourth most trafficked prostitutes in the world.

So what the authoress suggests is the United States, United Nations, and human rights organizations of Western nations should decry the mistreatment of Haitian Negroes at the hands Dominican Mestizos (15% of Dominicans have featherhead blood) and Mulattos (70% of Dominicans have sub-ape blood) who same Western nations are in turn exploiting and mistreating?

The logic of the SJW: "Hey, Uncle Sam! Stop raping that sambo long enough to tell Uncle Pablo to stop raping that Negro!"

Remember gentle reader(s), when the last Chalkie is thrown into a mass grave, the brown hordes will turn and rend one another.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The butt of today's joke...

Here is today's reminder that the majority of the White race is not worth saving. This old skank's silicone butt implants leaked, leaving her buttocks like bongo drum-heads. Enjoy her misery - I know I did.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Black Standard of Sanity: Thioro Mbow

I admit, sometimes when I read the news, it is all just so depressing. Then a story like this comes along and lights up my day! It's the sort of story sure to fire up your imagination. No doubt it will leave you with a burning desire to find out more. Quoting ...

This is the first picture of the three daughters who were victims of an alleged arson attack by their own mother [...]

Omy, two, Abbygail, four, and six-year-old Madyson perished in the blaze at the family home in Lennik, a small town near Brussels.

Their mother allegedly locked her three daughters in a shed and burned them alive while her husband was forced to listen at the end of a phone.

It is understood the couple had been involved in a custody battle over the children.

Thioro Mbow, 35, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, it has been reported by German media.

Adrean Arlott's Commentary
1) Yippee! 
2) I didn't know that Skeletor even had a penis, let alone a desire to pork a sub-apess with it.
3) Seriously, that sunken-faced old guy looks like he just got out of a death camp where his whole family was burned alive ... oops. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
4) Shaniquah say: You know dat bitch crazy - got one eye on the camera, other eye looking off at the demon in her head.
5) I know my joy over this news makes me a terrible person. I just don't care. This nigger just reduced her contribution to the death of Western Civilization by 3/4ths.  I think that any White Whateverist is glad at this news, some are just more honest than others. Search your feelings - you know it to be true.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black Tie Affair: Whitie to the Rescue


A shopper was just picking up a few essentials from her local Target last week when she happened upon a heartwarming scene between an employee and a young man.

Dennis Roberts, [a White] employee at the store in Raleigh, North Carolina, was seen helping a young [Negro] tie a tie so he could look professional for a job interview at a nearby Chick-Fil-A fast-food restaurant.

The photo was posted online and now the young man who was caught in the picture, Yasir Moore, has been identified and since returned to the store to thank the staff for their extraordinary customer service.

[...] The picture that shows Yadir being helped was caught on camera went viral.

Warm hearts all around - touchy feelies for the unthinking masses. Now for some reason ...

The media promotion of this story is a particularly noxious bit of propaganda that reinforces two behaviors - the learned helplessness of blacks, and the altruistic racism of Whites. Let me be clear - as Messiah Obongo would say - I have no beef with what Mr. Roberts did for young Mr. Negro. I have a beef with it being used to subconsciously propagandize the masses with a story line so played that it actually has its own Wikipedia entry (admittedly in the context of film):

White savior narrative [...] trope in which a white character rescues people of color from their plight. The white savior is portrayed as messianic and often learns something about themselves in the process of rescuing.

One recent example is The Blind Side, but there are about 40 examples in that Wikipedia entry.

And why should I have a beef with this narrative? Because The White Man's Burden has been a disaster for both the White race and the brown silent, sullen peoples upon whom the Whitie's have practiced their pathological altruism! Need examples? Check out any random topic on my entire fucking blog if you want some damn proof! Treacle like this black-tie-affair captures the diseased spirit of our age: the old White corporate slave passing on his knowledge of how to be a good drone to the young, black muslim sub-ape his masters imported to replace him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PC Matic's Rob Cheng's Scary Eyes

In April of 2014, I posted about how disturbing I find crossed eyes. At the time, the focus of my concern was stated thusly ...

I have recently been exposed to PC Matic commercials featuring an Asian fellow by the name of Rob Cheng. Rob's eyes are set way too close together, and I don't like it. He reminds me of the builder from an episode of Family Guy:

In the past year, several people searching for variations of "Rob Cheng PC Matic Eyes" have left comments on that post that they too have been freaked out by Rob Cheng's too-close-set-eyes. It has been a comfort to know that I am not alone in this regard. However, word has obviously not yet leaked to Rob Cheng that he is frightening people with his virtual cyclopism. Here is a screen capture from Cheng's latest commercial on the Youtubes...

I can't look directly at him - but  I have also noticed that his lips are becoming freakishly pinker for some reason. Is Rob Cheng transforming into Mr. Potato Head or what? By the way, his profile is just as bad...

Below is the best picture of Rob Cheng I've ever seen:

Monday, February 09, 2015

Here dumbs the judge ...

In this story from last year, we read that a White teacher from Michigan will receive a little over half a million dollars from a wrongful termination lawsuit. Quoting:

During an exchange about desks, Craig Hecht [the White teacher] told another staffer that white tables were better and “brown should burn.” He says he quickly apologized to a black teacher’s aide who heard him at Linden Charter Academy but still was fired in 2009.

Hecht sued, saying black staff at Linden Charter had made racial jokes but were never punished like him. The appeals court agreed there was evidence that Hecht was treated differently. The school is run by National Heritage Academies.

In dissent, judge Kurtis Wilder says Hecht wasn’t treated differently because there were no complaints about comments made by black employees.

WHAT?!? The dissenting judge says Hecht wasn't treated differently because there were no complaints against black employees who made racist comments? And why weren't there complaints? Because they were black and Hecht is White. Therefore, he was treated differently - you miserable cretin! What kind of judge could have such damaged frontal lobes, such inability to reason, and such incredibly shoddy decision making ability?
Judge Kurtis Wilder
Oh ... enough said.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Today's Counter-Propaganda: Black "Power 2 Act"

Today, I would like to share another propaganda pic in the line of "Blacks can't be racist because they don't have any power to wield against Whites". An example I have already discussed can be found here: #WhitesLie for #BlackLives. In that previous case, the propaganda took this form:

At the time I said:

I think that by the time we see such opinions sprouting in the manure of social media, said opinions have miles of underground tendrils linking back to the Marxist indoctrination factories (universities).

And today's propaganda proves that the tendrils continue to creep, and the fungi continue to sprout. Same message, different day:

Ha, some sort of Samurai Tiger Negro - kind of like that idiot nigger shot by cops for brandishing a katana.

I offer this rebuttal to this laughably inept leftist drivel - 

1) FREEDOM - In the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, two young White people were kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered by a gang of niggers. Evidently, niggers can use their "power 2 act" to deprive people of freedom (and life). And if you wish to argue that the crime was not racially motivated, I would ask what you would say had the colors of the victims and perpetrators been reversed - you filthy fucking hypocrite.

2) EMPLOYMENT - Here we have the case of a supervisor who was fired because of false claims of racism from one of her nigger subordinates. She ended up having to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit against the corporation for whom she worked. So - if darkies use their "power 2 act" to falsely cry racism and deprive you of your employment, wouldn't that also count as racism?

3) ECONOMICS - In Ferguson, crowds of rampaging niggers trashed and looted the store Michael Brown robbed before he was shot. Looks like koons were pretty willing to use their "power 2 act" against this fellow, doesn't it ...

Dear leftist propagandist-failure: Maybe you should stop wasting your time doodling nigger anime characters and start pay attention during your Introduction to Logic course.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Uppity much?

In this article, Negress and actress Cicely Tyson tells us about a racist comment that she still remembers decades after it was uttered to her. Quoting the article:

[...] Tyson says she was asked to meet a reporter at a prominent hotel for an interview. "I came in with my raincoat and a couple of other things, and I went to the check booth," Tyson says. "She took one look at me and said ...

Multiple Choice Time!!! Choose what was said:

1) This establishment is for Whites only. You're going to have to leave.
2) We don't serve your kind here, nigger.
3) Where'd you get that fancy coat, girl? Did you steal it?
4) I knew I smelled wet koon poon!
5) Oh, we don't take these here, you have to go around the back.

Let's watch and find out.

First off, nigger, assuming she was telling you to use the colored person's entrance or check booth, she was in fact doing her job.

Secondly, nigger, your story lacks a middle - it simply begins and ends. A clerk said  - and you said. What could come between? How about a simple question - "What do you mean by that?" You see, had you asked that question, nigger, the check booth girl may have said...

1) We don't take wet coats here, we have a a room with a radiator to dry them.
2) Your parcels - you will have to check them in a secure area.
3) We don't serve colored people here. (Queue the outraged diatribe!)

As it stands, your story is one of assumption that something racist was happening, when objective evidence is lacking. Had you acquired such evidence, I would not be inclined to chalk this up to overly-sensitive uppity darkie-ism. Let me give you another example, nigger ...

Imagine, nigger, you are walking through a buffet line and the server says, "Would you like fried chicken?" Using your story telling model, the response is - "What I want is to be treated like a human being!!!" And decades later you retell this event as a racist parable of the time someone offered you fried chicken because you are a black person.

Using my story telling model, you could ask "Do you have anything else?" And the server's response may be: "I'm sorry, I only serve fried chicken at this station. You just passed the brisket station, if you would prefer that ... nigger"

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Nobody didn’t show any sorry

Let us not forget, gentle reader(s), that the violent sub-apes that assail our kinsfolk also prey upon one another. Quoting this story:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The family of Alexis Kane, the 14-year-old girl found assaulted and repeatedly shot in the back area of The Bay Water Park in south Kansas City says they hope prosecutors will seek the death penalty. The three suspects charged in her murder appeared in court Monday.

Isaac “Malik” Carter, 17, Dominic McDaniel, 18, and Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, 17, are all charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action.

Ce-Antonyo? Ha! What an outstanding nigger name!

“I was hurt because nobody didn’t show any sorry, they didn’t show anything,” LaShonda Kane, Alexis’ mother, said after the court appearance Monday. “In fact, one of them kind of smiled at me so that was, so that was pretty hard to deal with.

I am sorry for your loss, LaShonda. However - "...nobody didn’t show any sorry..."
Again, I am sorry for your loss. Terrible.

I wonder though, LaShonda, where were the mamas of the defendants? Were they a few feet away, slinging their "He Diddin Du Nuffins" to another reporter? What kind of message would you be slinging if your son was accused? Perhaps, LaShonda, the next time you hear a report about some nigger murdering a young White girl, you will be more inclined to believe sumffin indeed got diddin.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Anti-Racists Arrested While Protesting St. Louis RV Show

Huh? Quoting ...

About 30 anti-racism activists walked through the St. Louis RV Vacation & Travel Show on Saturday with “Face Racism” and “Are you comfortable?” drawn on their cheeks and foreheads.

The silent protest at America’s Center involved college students, clergy and legal activists, including a few who have been regularly protesting since the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

Some held slips of paper with “White Only” and “No Coloreds,” drawing confused looks from some shopping for RVs and trailers. A few activists left the slips of paper inside RVs, leading to complaints from attendees and exhibitors, some of whom were African-American.

Ha! How incredibly moronic. What in the world do RV's have to due with racism or the shooting of Michael Brown?  Did Darren Wilson run over the corpse of Michael Brown with an RV? Is there some untold racist history of RV homes being sold to Whites only? Then again, I guess it is the ultimate mode of transportation for White Flight. Perhaps Craig Cobb should have started his own Racist RV convoy, a mobile Whiteopia.

Here is something even funnier about the event. Look at the first picture of the protesters, then look at the ones who actually got arrested (SOURCE). =D

I love you DATGOY (Dark And Terrible God Of ironY)! White leftists might be willing to protest racial injustice, but when things "get real" they send their former slaves to the hoosegow in their stead.