Monday, January 26, 2015

#UseMeInstead? Good idea.

Let's see what the attention whoring outrage-appropriators of White Christendum have been up to, quoting:

Members of the clergy have started a new hashtag, #UseMeInstead, imploring police to use their images for target practice after news broke that North Miami Beach’s Police Department was using mug shots of black men, the Washington Post reports.

According to the report, the idea to send out photos of the clergy for target practice started in a closed Facebook group for Lutheran clergy, where pastors were discussing the controversial North Miami Beach practice.

“Maybe we ought it make it harder to pull the trigger, and volunteer to put pictures of their family up,” the Rev. Joy M. Gonnerman (pictured below) said in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Facebook group as she and others discussed the deeper, systematic problem behind the use of real mug shots. [...]

It’s such a desensitization thing that if you start aiming at young black men and [are] told to put a bullet in them, you become desensitized,” Gonnerman said. “Maybe, to change the picture, it’s, ‘You know what? Dare ya; shoot a clergyperson.’”

It looks like the stupid burst from her forehead like an alien lifeform. Gonnerman, eh? I wonder if she is some sort of converso kike, letting her repressed Jew back out as left-wing nuttery. If she is a sincere Christian, then I say: Please Jesus, protect me from your followers. And in case you are also one of these Christian nutjobs, or an equally deranged whinging leftist, let me break it down for you by addressing the Reverend's lunacy:

“Maybe we ought it make it harder to pull the trigger, and volunteer to put pictures of their family up,” the Rev. Joy M. Gonnerman said [...]

Reverend, in the same interview you suggest the images desensitize the officers into shooting black men, you also suggest putting pictures of the officers families up. So which is it? Did the pictures desensitize, or does an innate predisposition/bias to shoot / not shoot exist before the target ever comes into view? If you acknowledge that the officers have predispositions to shoot / not shoot, how is changing the target changing their predisposition to shoot darkies?

Reverend, haven't you ever seen one of those gun ranges in a movie where cardboard cutouts of criminals holding guns pop-up next to cardboard cutouts of pregnant women holding puppies, and the officer has to shoot the right one in an instant? In the real world where life and death decisions are made, training and instant judgments save lives. Your hashtag gesture is completely empty because, in your fantasy world, there are no preconceived notions of who is bad and who is good, only cardboard cutouts of leftist clergy popping up randomly in social media spaces.

Had the target photos been 6 White men, would you have started a hashtag campaign? Of course not, because it wouldn't have made the news and you wouldn't have gotten your smug sourpuss in the paper. If the target photos had been black guys with guns instead of just mugshots, would you still have objected? Yes - because it would have stereotyped black men as violent and given you something to bang on about. But ask yourself, why were the officers using mugshots, and not Facebook images or high school graduation photos? Can you perhaps accept, as the Chief of Police asserted, that this was about shooting criminals (regardless of race) and not about shooting blacks?

No, that is impossible for you. You and I both know you have no interest in offering the benefit of the doubt to your hated po-po enemies, so we can dispense with any pretense of compassion or fair play for your adversaries. We both know this isn't about opposition to killing, or furthering the brotherhood of man, or finding alternatives to violence, (all that stuff Jesus liked to talk about), this is about your Social Justice Warrior attention-whore fantasies, where "Thou shalt not be racist." was the first and only commandment. And your role, as a dour, twisted old church lady, is to find racism (sin) wherever you can, even if it means promoting intolerance and false accusations.


  1. your brother wasp in the picture as a preacher is naot a christian ,as a christian I feel I need protection from all you wasps that are trying to destroy christianity and the white race

    1. I won't argue the point. It is a logical concern that WASP's are the White ethnic group most directly responsible for the ongoing destruction of both Christianity and the White race.