Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pretty Big Girl

More anti-sexist propaganda from FCKH8 (The makers of profanity laden children's videos):

Idiots. I'm sure you are intending to make a statement that fatness doesn't make a woman un-pretty, but a literal reading of your propaganda actually reinforces the idea that between big+ugly+fat and pretty is still a category of pretty+but+fat. Why? Because this "big girl" appears simply to be saying she isn't in the middle group regardless of someone saying she is in said middle group. Is she aware that she is fat? Does she think she is not fat? Does she think fat is pretty? Who knows?

To truly make this a fat-positive message, the second line should be "Big girls are pretty, PERIOD." But perhaps that goes to far? Perhaps that is why this message falls flat, and it seems like the punch was pulled in this case - like the propagandizer believes (as the sexists do) that most fat women are ugly, but this one isn't so bad if you don't show her cankles.

However, because of the shrill, nails on a chalkboard SJW-vibe of this propaganda, I think the following message is more accurate: