Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poo Britannia - Britannia Poo the Raves

Let us never forget that Britainistan has White Trash aplenty, just as Amerikwa does. Quoting:

A curry before a night out is enjoyable but you're always running risks - both the smell of your breath and the irritability of your bowels should be a concern.

One bloke (above, left) decided to run that risk though and lost. He lost big-time.

Christopher Boxshall sh*t himself in the middle of the dancefloor before running off to the toilet but falling a few yards short and unloading in the hallway.

Customers at Bubbles in Whitehaven, Cumbria, screamed in horror as Curry Chris squated and did his business in the middle of the bar.

Boxshall must have been drunk enough to think himself in India - where stuffing oneself with curry and shitting on the floor in public are equally popular pastimes. The MultiCult should thank him for rendering an accurate portrayal of Indian custom in small-town England. However, I suggest shipping Boxshall off to the subcontinent, where his being incontinent will be less cause for comment.

And if the event wasn't bad enough on its own, Boxshall is said to have taken to social media to defend his actions (same link as above) and someone captured the moment on a mobile phone camera and posted it on the internet. Ah yes, The Information Age at its finest.

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