Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Protected Class: Black Seals

MultiCulturalism has made Britain one giant ...

MW sent me this link from the ever rational and dignified Mirror:

Britain's biggest seal sanctuary has taken in its rarest rescue of the season, a highly unusual jet-BLACK pup - that was the subject of RACIST bullying.

The seal pup was brought to the sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, after it was found abandoned on the Isles of Scilly.

When the baby seal, nicknamed 'Badger', arrived at the centre he looked like a regular pup as he was still covered by his grey hairy infant coat.

After a while he began to shed his infant coat and the staff were amazed to discover he was a rare jet-black grey seal pup, more commonly found in Scotland.

He was found with an ulcerated eye and a variety of scars and wounds, which his rescuers believe could have been inflicted by other seals wary of his skin tone.

Wait a minute ... He shed his infant coat while at the sanctuary, revealing his black skin. But you think the reason he was rejected by other seals was because of the color of his skin, which could not be seen. 1+1=?

Top 5 Jokes for Racist Bullying of Black Seal Pup
1) If someone clubs that seal, do we call PETA or the NAACP?
2) I heard Eric Holder is opening up a hate crime investigation on the black seal's behalf.
3) We could start a new internet meme in support of the black seal - "Flippers up, don't club."
4) After shedding his fur, the pup was thrilled when he realized he could now date a Kardashian.
5) Black Seal pup joke: I wonder if that is what Heidi Klum's children went through after they shed their infant coats.

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