Sunday, January 04, 2015

Dressing Like a Tramp Can Save Lives

According to this article, squeezing herself into a slut sheath saved 21-year-old Zoe Turner's life during a car crash. Sure it did.

[...] after leaving a Christmas party at her mother’s job, Zoe Turner, 21, grabbed a taxi with three friends. But soon after departing, a crushing accident occurred when a cement mixer rammed into the cab. [...] But, incredibly, according to her doctors, the tight dress she wore was able to prevent any bones from popping out of place and rupturing vital organs, which could have caused fatal injury.

Are you telling me those dual airbags didn't have anything to do with saving this crash test bimbo? This was a Christmas party at a place of business, not a frat party, right? Is there a reason she needed to display above and below her cleavage to celebrate the birth of Christ? Does her mother perhaps work at Hooters?

Quoting Chesty LaBoobs (same as the link above):

My body was aching and I just remember thinking – I have to get my belt off. The pain and restriction my dress was causing was unbearable and I stumbled out of the car.

Oh, for fuck's sake. There's no belt on that dress, so the belt she is referring to must have been a seat belt. And certainly the seat belt played no part in this miracle, right? This is where we are as a civilization. Empowering sluttery as a life-saving device to rival the seat belt.


  1. AND that thing is very likely a jew. Low ass, short legs. High heels are trying to disguise the short legs. And a preposterous story aimed at further shredding what's left of White sense. Oh, and featured by the jewsmedia. In sum, it's a jew.

    A site with a lot of good advice on identifying secret jews is the whiteswillwin site. Also, there a couple of pdf files around that are helpful.

    Great site here. Stay strong -- and funny.

  2. Low ass, short legs - ha! I didn't notice the heels, but you're right. They probably give her a half-foot boost out of her Hobbit-hole.

    Seriously though, is an excellent resource and has an incredible reference list of pro-White, kike-wise web links. Thanks for posting about it.