Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brian Williams Likes Watching His Daughter's Ass Getting Eaten Out

This is where we are people. The daughter of the anchor of the most watched newscast in Amerikwa performed a simulated pornographic scene in a television show that her father watched alongside her at the show's premiere.


Allison Williams' "Girls'" character, Marnie, started the HBO show's fourth season with a sex scene involving her derriƩre and Ebon Moss-Bacharach, who plays Desi.

When New York magazine asked how filming the awkward sex scene went, the 26-year-old actress called it “total TV magic.” [...]

Her father, Brian Williams, who was by her side at the season premiere party said he’s not phased by the raunchiness.

Here is the "total TV magic" ...

Here is her father's response ...

Well, it used to be possible for men's reputations to be hurt and/or harmed by watching their daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television. But, apparently, this is where we are as a society. Personally, I don't know a man who could watch his daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television and encourage his family to do the same - and I am damn glad that I do not! However, I and millions of television viewers are to trust the most watched news broadcast in America to a man who feels it is his family's "occupation" to watch his daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television.

Imagine  - you walk into your auto mechanic's shop and he pauses a video. He, his wife, and his children are watching a soft core porno. He says, "We were just watching my eldest daughter get her ass eaten out. It's kind of the family occupation. Do you need an oil change?"

Who are you? Are you someone who says - "Why, yes! And please unpause the video and tell your kids to pass the popcorn." Or are you someone who backs up out of the door and never returns? Your answer will probably reveal whether or not you watch the NBC Nightly Rimjob with Brian Williams.

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