Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anti-Hebdo Sub-Apes Riot

In the wake of the Ferguson riots last year, I often encountered a bit of propaganda repeatedly trotted out to explain the chaos. Leftists would juxtapose pictures of the mayhem with a quote attributed to leftist saint Martin Luther King Jr.: A riot is the language of the unheard. Oh, really?


Five people were killed and churches set on fire in Niger on Saturday in fresh protests against the French weekly Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cover, as France condemned the violence and defended freedom of expression. [...] Around 1000 youths wielding iron bars, clubs and axes rampaged through the Niger capital, hurling rocks at police who responded with tear gas.

The image above left is of a rioting Niger - oops! I mean a rioter in Niger. The sign translates, I ain't Charlie. Now tell me, who is not hearing this message? The entire freakin' Western World perhaps? Those lily white leftists who shriek "Diversity is our Strength!" while the corpses of journalists litter the streets of France, and corpses of Christians litter the churches of Niger? Tell me you gaggle of Charlies - are all riots created equal?

If you miserable French cunts would attack the Muslim occupation of your nation with one tenth of the motivation with which you resisted the Nazi occupation, perhaps you will still be a free nation in another 70 years.

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