Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pretty Big Girl

More anti-sexist propaganda from FCKH8 (The makers of profanity laden children's videos):

Idiots. I'm sure you are intending to make a statement that fatness doesn't make a woman un-pretty, but a literal reading of your propaganda actually reinforces the idea that between big+ugly+fat and pretty is still a category of pretty+but+fat. Why? Because this "big girl" appears simply to be saying she isn't in the middle group regardless of someone saying she is in said middle group. Is she aware that she is fat? Does she think she is not fat? Does she think fat is pretty? Who knows?

To truly make this a fat-positive message, the second line should be "Big girls are pretty, PERIOD." But perhaps that goes to far? Perhaps that is why this message falls flat, and it seems like the punch was pulled in this case - like the propagandizer believes (as the sexists do) that most fat women are ugly, but this one isn't so bad if you don't show her cankles.

However, because of the shrill, nails on a chalkboard SJW-vibe of this propaganda, I think the following message is more accurate:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Black Kids Beat White Kids at Maryland High School - Principal Sees No Racial Issue

Fascinating how stories change ...

Last week a naughty internet tweetering by a Stephen Decatur High School student brought instant allegations of racism in Maryland media. Quoting this article Worcester student's racist post sparks outcry ...

A racist-fueled Instagram photo circulated through the timelines of many students and athletes late Thursday evening, causing quite a stir among readers.The photo[...] involved two swastikas and two skulls paired with the phrase "DAY OF THE ROPE," "HANG 'EM HIGH & HANG 'EM SLOW," rotating in a circle around a noose in the center. [...]

"My timeline consist of: teamgetaplate, racism, more teamgetaplate, more racism, a little more racism and a tiny bit more of teamgetaplate," Stephen Decatur junior guard Dayona Godwin tweeted [...]

"It's 20 freakin 15, why do people have to be so racist and disrespectful?" tweeted Kevon Turnamian [...]

"There's another race war at Decatur?! Just grow up," former Decatur student David Bernal-Clark tweeted, which he followed with, "Racism is ignorant. Everyone is equal. Everyone just needs to get over themselves."

My, my. So many accusations of racism from one anonymous internet tweetering. How horrifying. Just one week later we have this article Stephen Decatur student fights, which starts by explaining the origin of the swastika tweetering:

The post was in response to a fight between black and white Stephen Decatur High School students that occurred Jan. 21 [...] two black students and a white Stephen Decatur junior tussled while a cluster of people surrounded the fight, the cellphone video shows. A second fight, also recorded, involved a black student [beating a] white student in a McDonald's parking lot in Berlin. ( AA Says: follow the link above to watch the video).

"I don't think there's an issue. I think people have issues," [Principal] Zimmer said. "Whatever their background happens to be, but if you're asking me, 'Do I think we have a racial issue in my school?' I'm saying no."

Stephen Decatur High School students Ben Cropper and Tyler Hall, who are both white, said they felt the incident was "blown out of proportion." People have disputes no matter their races, Cropper said. [...]

Jalen Mumford, a student at Stephen Decatur High School who is black, said he believes the fight has to do with a disagreement or argument. He doesn't think the school has a race issue, and he doesn't feel threatened at school.

Again, fascinating how stories change ... Do you see what happened there? In one week we go from cries of racist! racist! racist! racist!, to cries of not racist! not racist! not racist! not racist!, and the only thing that has changed is that in the first story an anonymous tweeterer posted some swastikas, and in the second story we have photographic evidence of niggers beating White children. Amazing how that works, isn't it?

I repeat, anonymous swastikas = racism; niggers beating white children on camera = not racism.

How can White people see the media's glaring hypocrisy, see the malicious propagandizing of the Multicultists and not immediately comprehend the hateful agenda that seeks their destruction? What brain devouring weevils have been shoved into their Chalky ears? How can they fail to notice the sound of chewing and the blood oozing from their nostrils? What more does it take?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poo Britannia - Britannia Poo the Raves

Let us never forget that Britainistan has White Trash aplenty, just as Amerikwa does. Quoting:

A curry before a night out is enjoyable but you're always running risks - both the smell of your breath and the irritability of your bowels should be a concern.

One bloke (above, left) decided to run that risk though and lost. He lost big-time.

Christopher Boxshall sh*t himself in the middle of the dancefloor before running off to the toilet but falling a few yards short and unloading in the hallway.

Customers at Bubbles in Whitehaven, Cumbria, screamed in horror as Curry Chris squated and did his business in the middle of the bar.

Boxshall must have been drunk enough to think himself in India - where stuffing oneself with curry and shitting on the floor in public are equally popular pastimes. The MultiCult should thank him for rendering an accurate portrayal of Indian custom in small-town England. However, I suggest shipping Boxshall off to the subcontinent, where his being incontinent will be less cause for comment.

And if the event wasn't bad enough on its own, Boxshall is said to have taken to social media to defend his actions (same link as above) and someone captured the moment on a mobile phone camera and posted it on the internet. Ah yes, The Information Age at its finest.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chigger, please.

In the following YouTube video, a family of Chingy Chongs advocate veganism via sub-apery:

While watching this video (full disclosure: I could only skip around a bit, not sit through the entire thing) I came up with a new word: "Chigger", a Chinese Nigger. Then I Googled and found out "Chigger" was already invented - drat. However, the Googling gave me time to reconsider my initial assessment. This family isn't really a group of Chiggers. True Chiggers, like Whiggers, cannot be so just for the camera - iggering is a lifestyle. Then I considered - what would this be if the family had been White? It would have been cultural appropriation, right?  So what about in this case? Are we to give the Chingy Chongs a pass because they are a minority? For Christ's sake, if Margaret Cho isn't allowed to make fun of Koreans even though she is a Korean, how in the world can this Ha family be given a pass for this niggerish abomination?

Multiculturalism is so confusing.We better find some kike sociologist to flow-chart this one for us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Indecisive Gender Propaganda

Let's look at the following faggoty propaganda pic together, shall we?

You know what - I agree with this almost completely - your family, society, friends, religion, and therapist don't have any right to decide your gender. However, I disagree that you have any right to do so as well. Instead, I say this:

For those of you not in instant agreement, please allow me to elaborate.

- If you object that DNA is not a who, please notice that religion is not a who either and let us move on.
- If you argue that you have a right to change your gender and therefore the ultimate decision is yours and not your DNA's, please notice that gender reassignment surgery does not actually change your gender - it makes you a victim of self-inflicted genital mutilation.
- If you argue that gender is in the brain, and that you truly one gender trapped in the body of another gender, you actually agree with me - since your incompetent DNA resulted in a gender mishmash. Regardless, gender reassignment surgery will not fix that, so DNA wins again.
- If you argue that gender is a spiritual aspect of your being, existing beyond the physical form, then you shouldn't agree with either chart because your religion is determining your gender. And, therefore, those whose religion says gender is assigned by god and demons confuse people into thinking they are in the wrong body could be just as correct as you are, since faith does not require physical evidence.
- If you are about to comment "FUCK U RACIST HOMOPHOBE!" please save yourself the trouble and get back to scoping your inside-out-penis with a hand mirror.

Monday, January 26, 2015

#UseMeInstead? Good idea.

Let's see what the attention whoring outrage-appropriators of White Christendum have been up to, quoting:

Members of the clergy have started a new hashtag, #UseMeInstead, imploring police to use their images for target practice after news broke that North Miami Beach’s Police Department was using mug shots of black men, the Washington Post reports.

According to the report, the idea to send out photos of the clergy for target practice started in a closed Facebook group for Lutheran clergy, where pastors were discussing the controversial North Miami Beach practice.

“Maybe we ought it make it harder to pull the trigger, and volunteer to put pictures of their family up,” the Rev. Joy M. Gonnerman (pictured below) said in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Facebook group as she and others discussed the deeper, systematic problem behind the use of real mug shots. [...]

It’s such a desensitization thing that if you start aiming at young black men and [are] told to put a bullet in them, you become desensitized,” Gonnerman said. “Maybe, to change the picture, it’s, ‘You know what? Dare ya; shoot a clergyperson.’”

It looks like the stupid burst from her forehead like an alien lifeform. Gonnerman, eh? I wonder if she is some sort of converso kike, letting her repressed Jew back out as left-wing nuttery. If she is a sincere Christian, then I say: Please Jesus, protect me from your followers. And in case you are also one of these Christian nutjobs, or an equally deranged whinging leftist, let me break it down for you by addressing the Reverend's lunacy:

“Maybe we ought it make it harder to pull the trigger, and volunteer to put pictures of their family up,” the Rev. Joy M. Gonnerman said [...]

Reverend, in the same interview you suggest the images desensitize the officers into shooting black men, you also suggest putting pictures of the officers families up. So which is it? Did the pictures desensitize, or does an innate predisposition/bias to shoot / not shoot exist before the target ever comes into view? If you acknowledge that the officers have predispositions to shoot / not shoot, how is changing the target changing their predisposition to shoot darkies?

Reverend, haven't you ever seen one of those gun ranges in a movie where cardboard cutouts of criminals holding guns pop-up next to cardboard cutouts of pregnant women holding puppies, and the officer has to shoot the right one in an instant? In the real world where life and death decisions are made, training and instant judgments save lives. Your hashtag gesture is completely empty because, in your fantasy world, there are no preconceived notions of who is bad and who is good, only cardboard cutouts of leftist clergy popping up randomly in social media spaces.

Had the target photos been 6 White men, would you have started a hashtag campaign? Of course not, because it wouldn't have made the news and you wouldn't have gotten your smug sourpuss in the paper. If the target photos had been black guys with guns instead of just mugshots, would you still have objected? Yes - because it would have stereotyped black men as violent and given you something to bang on about. But ask yourself, why were the officers using mugshots, and not Facebook images or high school graduation photos? Can you perhaps accept, as the Chief of Police asserted, that this was about shooting criminals (regardless of race) and not about shooting blacks?

No, that is impossible for you. You and I both know you have no interest in offering the benefit of the doubt to your hated po-po enemies, so we can dispense with any pretense of compassion or fair play for your adversaries. We both know this isn't about opposition to killing, or furthering the brotherhood of man, or finding alternatives to violence, (all that stuff Jesus liked to talk about), this is about your Social Justice Warrior attention-whore fantasies, where "Thou shalt not be racist." was the first and only commandment. And your role, as a dour, twisted old church lady, is to find racism (sin) wherever you can, even if it means promoting intolerance and false accusations.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Segregated Spelling Bees

A, B, C ... it's easy as 1, 2, 3 ... unless you is black. Quoting:

Nine of the last 13 winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee have been of Indian descent. In many years, African Americans are not represented among the top finalists.

But a new event offers many young African American students the opportunity to compete on a national level in spelling competitions.

The African American National Spelling Bee Competition was created by Robert Garner Jr., a Houston businessman who had trouble with spelling as a youngster.

According to the organization’s website, the mission of the African American National Spelling Bee Competition is to give urban middle-school children in grade levels 6 through 8 the opportunity to test their skills within their peer group.

Great! Now if you can teach them to rape, rob, and recreate only within their peer group, we can get this civilization back on track. Joking aside, here we have yet another example of what I have been saying for over a decade: Even when the last Chalky is tossed into a mass grave, racism will march on, and the brown hordes will turn on one another. Not following? Consider the logic of the African American National Spelling Bee - 9/13 Spelling Bee champs are Indian, and none were black. Therefore the answer is racial segregation! The irony is delicious because, if we were to say that 9/13 murders in your town were committed by blacks and none by Whites, these same people would say racial segregation would not be the answer. Need to win a Spelling Bee = worth segregating. Need to prevent murders = not worth segregating. Ah, Amerikwa the booteefull.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

When it's O.K. to be a nigger lover.

An arrest has been made in a case of hateful vandalism in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Quoting:

On January 7, Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Department Captain T.A. McCoy responded to a call that a racial slur [nigger lover] had been spray painted on the side of the Pretty Penny Café in Hillsboro.

Seven days later, Maxwelton resident William “Robbie” Ratliff was arrested as a suspect after a person connected with the accused came forward to make a statement pertaining to the case.

And quoting this article:

Two weeks after Blair Campbell found a racist message spray-painted 6 feet high onto the side of her business, the alleged vandal has been arrested, and more than $3,500 has been donated to the “We Are One” campaign her supporters started.

Above is a picture of Blair Campbell, her slave, er...husband, and her welfare dependents, er...chilluns. This is how orcs are made, gentle readers. A White trash pig-woman has sex with a nigger, and 9 months later we're living in World of Warcraft. Can't you just see that little nigger boy shrieking "For the Horde!"? I know some of you still disapprove of such couplings but, be honest, would you mate with this White trash pig-woman? Look closely:

So what choice does she have except to breed with niggers? Perhaps some of you think she should have racial pride and improve herself. LOOK AT HER. She's not White, she's passable White trash at best, and is undoubtedly part negroid. See Melungeons. She cannot improve herself without dragging down some decent White man willing to supply her with baby batter and child support checks. What White man is stupid enough to fall into that trap? So again, what choice did she have? This is an example when it is O.K. to be a nigger lover. By breeding down, she prevents her progeny from being mistaken for White. It's the next best thing to stamping on White people's foreheads their percent purity.

Still not accepting my argument? Well, consider what this nigger-lover vandalism has yielded. The nigger-lover has received public attention, sympathy, and charity. The local papers in West Virginia get to advance the narrative "race-mixing good, Whiteness bad". And further, some 40-year-old guy who should know better now faces criminal charges for misguided racism (as opposed to the well-guided racism that one may find here at Compulsory Diversity News).

Then again, we don't know what race William “Robbie” Ratliff is, or why he carried out this supposedly "racist" act. Is he perhaps a Melungeon himself? Is he White Trash, spurned by the pig-woman and seeking revenge? Is he a nigger perpetrating a false hate crime? Perhaps, if he is Googling himself while out on bail, he will find this post and be so kind as to explain himself. In the mean time, anyone interested in the future of the White race, be so kind as to never vandalize another's property with racist graffiti. Thank you!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mike Epps Thinks White Slavery is a Hoot

Do you know who Mike Epps is? I didn't before reading this article. Epps is a sub-ape comedian who...

[...] just thought it would be funny when he posted a photo of a black man whipping white men slaves -- and says the whole mess started as a joke with his nephews.

Mike came on TMZ Live to discuss the controversy over the image, telling us ... he thought the photo was absurd and funny -- but he understands why some people were angry. Ultimately, he says that's why he deleted it.

Mike has a new AOL series -- "That's Racist" -- debuting on Monday ... where he'll be interviewing people around the country about stereotypes, but insists the pic was NOT intended to be a promotion.

How convenient.

So, is it funny? I think this can be funny in the context of people who want revenge and want to see the tables turned. For example, imagine someone who hates his/her boss. Now imagine the good humor that person would experience seeing a picture of his/her boss having to scrub toilets or mop vomit of the floor while wearing a three piece suit. In that sense, any laughter arises from mere schadenfreude, and not from some claimed absurdity. Why is this not absurd? Because there are actually White people who voluntarily submit to reenactments of slavery as a means of personal atonement for an injustice they believe has benefited them. Worse than that, as seen below, they drag children into the practice.

When I see the picture above, I am driven to laughter because of how pathetically misguided and attention whoring such creatures are. But there is a deeper irony at work (Thank you DATGOY!), because there was a time when the ancestors of these Whities lived in real danger of enslavement by Africans. By contrast, these Whities are enslaved by their own dreadful ignorance. Hysterical, huh?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Get out of his zone, AutoZone

A beaner is suing the auto parts store AutoZone, claiming...

[...] his supervisor repeatedly slapped him on the buttocks and the company did nothing to help him.

According to the complaint, [Luis] Sandoval told his supervisor "… such touches were unwelcome and he wished him to stop. Still, [he] persisted …"

Sandoval said when he complained in July 2010, he was fired.

Oh, how dreadful. No doubt this wetback just wants his dignity back.

Sandoval's attorneys [...] said those in charge were the same district and regional managers in the case involving Rosario Juarez, a woman who filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. [...] In November, a jury awarded her more than $185 million.

Sandoval is asking for an unlimited amount of damages.

What?!? Unlimited damages? You're a beaner Sandoval, not a Jew. You don't get to ask for unlimited damages in perpetuum throughout all time and space. I'm guessing you'll be lucky to get a $20 Chipotle giftcard out of this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama Thanked for Free Dental Care @ SOTU

Alan Gross was the first man to receive free dental benefits under President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. At the 2015 State of the Union, President Obama welcomed Alan as a special visitor, and Alan took the opportunity to thank the president after his first free year of tax payer funded dental care.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Asian Tech Guru Kills Ex-Wife's White Husband

Tsk Tsk. As if White women needed any more reasons not to date/marry Asian men, and White men needed any more reasons not to date/marry White women who fornicate with non-White men, we have this story, quoting:

Denise Mattison called her husband, Corey, her hero. He was her protector long before a terrible night last week, when Corey was shot and killed, deputies say, by Denise's ex-husband. [...]

[Corey] may have been leading suspected gunman Minh Nguyen, 38, away from his wife and two children, the Mattison family said.

Nguyen -- the high-profile founder of a Silicon Valley-based, pre-Facebook social network -- was captured by his own mother. Search warrants reveal that when deputies responded to the town home, they found Nguyen in the garage, being held down by his mother.

Ha! Taken down by his own mother. Talk about Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Why you no kill ex-wife!?! She no home? No excuse! Try harder!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Black Standard of Sanity: Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier

No, gentle readers - I did not suddenly smash random keys while typing that Nigger name. According to this article, a 22-year-old sub-ape-ess by the name of Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier set her child on fire. Let's look at the picture that accompanies the article:

Oh my god she's horribly burned! How could those monkeys do this to one another! It's like a black Freddie Krueger! Oh wait ... that's Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier - the accused, not the burn victim. Oops. I probably should have quoted the article before leaping to conclusions:

PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A New Jersey woman who authorities say put her newborn baby in the middle of a road and set the child on fire was charged Saturday with murder. [...]

The child reportedly was alive and breathing at the time she was flown to a hospital in Philadelphia, said Joel Bewley, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office. She died about two hours later [...] Authorities believe the mother doused her baby with an accelerant then set her on fire, Bewley said. They do not have a motive. [...]

Dave Joseph, 45, of Pemberton Township told The Burlington County Times that he saw a young woman get out of her car and light something on fire in the middle of Simontown Road. He said the woman told him she was burning dog waste.

Dog waste, eh? I suppose that was the best explanation for the smell.

Does that joke make me a bad person? No. The Cult of Diversity, which tells me the brown shall inherit the Earf, has made me a bad person.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anti-Hebdo Sub-Apes Riot

In the wake of the Ferguson riots last year, I often encountered a bit of propaganda repeatedly trotted out to explain the chaos. Leftists would juxtapose pictures of the mayhem with a quote attributed to leftist saint Martin Luther King Jr.: A riot is the language of the unheard. Oh, really?


Five people were killed and churches set on fire in Niger on Saturday in fresh protests against the French weekly Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cover, as France condemned the violence and defended freedom of expression. [...] Around 1000 youths wielding iron bars, clubs and axes rampaged through the Niger capital, hurling rocks at police who responded with tear gas.

The image above left is of a rioting Niger - oops! I mean a rioter in Niger. The sign translates, I ain't Charlie. Now tell me, who is not hearing this message? The entire freakin' Western World perhaps? Those lily white leftists who shriek "Diversity is our Strength!" while the corpses of journalists litter the streets of France, and corpses of Christians litter the churches of Niger? Tell me you gaggle of Charlies - are all riots created equal?

If you miserable French cunts would attack the Muslim occupation of your nation with one tenth of the motivation with which you resisted the Nazi occupation, perhaps you will still be a free nation in another 70 years.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Learning to Talk White

In this YouTubes video, Amerikwan Negroes are taught to translate "African American Vernacular English"(what was once called Ebonics, but is also known as Ooga Booga talk) into "Mainstream American" (what was once called English, but is also known as Talking White). Please watch below, and try to help me racially classify the faggot teaching the class (Mestizo? Featherhead? Ching Chong mixed with Mexican? His last name is Russell so that is not much help).

I expected the commenters who would blast the video as destroying African American heritage/culture, but I did not expect there would be so many who thought the video was teaching kids to speak Ebonics. Did they not watch the video, but run straight to the comments section? These commenters ended up decrying the teaching of ebonics; they didn't seem to catch that this was a video about teaching black kids how to "talk White". So what do you think, my dear White Whateverists? Doubleplus good? Doubleplus bad? I will not render a value judgment, but I do find the entire video quite interesting. It inspired me to screw around with some leftist animal-lover propaganda ...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Twin Queerbos Take 2 Decades off their Father's Life with 1 Phone Call

In this video, twin faggots dial up their daddy and weepily come out to him while filming the whole thing for the YouTubes. The story about this video claims it will "Restore Your Faith in Humanity".

Is your faith in humanity restored? Mine sure as hell wasn't. Then again, I have never had any faith in humanity to begin with. Humans are garbage, and the best among us know this and attempt to post-humanize ourselves as much as possible.

Back to the video... You know you did something wrong as a parent when both of your twin sons turn out gay. One can be chalked up to chance, but both? Don't give me bullshit about gay genes. If it wasn't your parenting, then something was fucked up in your house. Maybe their bedroom was haunted by Paul Lynde.

But what's much worse than this weeping faggotry - steady my more morally upright readers, yes, I am about to suggest there is something worse than being gay - is that these two pathetic attention whores did this on YouTube. They made their father a prop in their own public psychodrama. "Oooobooohooo - we're butt-fuckers daddy! We have chosen to forge our identities around a sexual peculiarity. Do you still love us daddy!?! Please speak up so the viewers can hear you!" Paul Lynde would never have done that. So perhaps it was the ghost of Liberace (and his brother George) that scared these boys bent.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brian Williams Likes Watching His Daughter's Ass Getting Eaten Out

This is where we are people. The daughter of the anchor of the most watched newscast in Amerikwa performed a simulated pornographic scene in a television show that her father watched alongside her at the show's premiere.


Allison Williams' "Girls'" character, Marnie, started the HBO show's fourth season with a sex scene involving her derriére and Ebon Moss-Bacharach, who plays Desi.

When New York magazine asked how filming the awkward sex scene went, the 26-year-old actress called it “total TV magic.” [...]

Her father, Brian Williams, who was by her side at the season premiere party said he’s not phased by the raunchiness.

Here is the "total TV magic" ...

Here is her father's response ...

Well, it used to be possible for men's reputations to be hurt and/or harmed by watching their daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television. But, apparently, this is where we are as a society. Personally, I don't know a man who could watch his daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television and encourage his family to do the same - and I am damn glad that I do not! However, I and millions of television viewers are to trust the most watched news broadcast in America to a man who feels it is his family's "occupation" to watch his daughter simulate having a man eat out her ass on television.

Imagine  - you walk into your auto mechanic's shop and he pauses a video. He, his wife, and his children are watching a soft core porno. He says, "We were just watching my eldest daughter get her ass eaten out. It's kind of the family occupation. Do you need an oil change?"

Who are you? Are you someone who says - "Why, yes! And please unpause the video and tell your kids to pass the popcorn." Or are you someone who backs up out of the door and never returns? Your answer will probably reveal whether or not you watch the NBC Nightly Rimjob with Brian Williams.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Margaret Cho's Golden Globes

Quoting the latest faux-outrage un-controversy:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler didn't shy away from controversial topics during Sunday's Golden Globes, but some viewers felt one of their bits went too far. During the broadcast, Fey and Poehler interacted with comedian Margaret Cho, who played the newest member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a North Korean army general. Here she is getting a photo taken with Meryl Streep.

The segments with Cho -- which also included the comic speaking with an exaggerated accent -- were met with some outrage online. Numerous viewers called the jokes racist, while many critics cited the gags as a show low point.

YYYAAAWWWNNN. You mean anonymous people on the internet took offense at something and decided to complain about it in exaggerated terms? And then leftist media chose to selectively quote the outraged in the form of morally indignant clickbait? No. That's not true. That's impossible!!!

A Korean American comedienne, who for 25-freakin'-years has made a living imitating her Korean mother, managed to offend people by pretending to be a dour, North Korean militant. And this is outrageous why? Don't bother to answer - I don't have time for this nonsense. I just wish the rest of the fucking human race didn't have time for it either. Personally, I found Cho's bit cute, despite Fey's pained, wooden introduction:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Luncheon with Diversity

Here is another example of how useful racism is. Racism is like having a crystal ball that allows you to predict the near future of the events in which you find yourself, and even to deduce what may have happened at an event for which you were not even present! Take this recent example. I was at a business lunch last week with a moderately diverse crowd.

2 White Males (1 a homosexual)
3 White Females (1 a lesbian)
1 Latina
1 Negress
1 Arab Muslim
1 East Indian
1 Adrean Arlott

1) Which one showed up last?
2) Which one interjected into a conversation on the Paris shootings: " That is not true Islam, Islam is peace!"?
3) Which one made a cock joke?
4) Which one sneered threateningly at the cock joke?
5) Which one personally knew a waiter at the Mexican restaurant?
6) Which one stunk of curry?

1) The Negress showed up last. She disappeared for over thirty minutes between work and lunch, then stayed late while everyone went back.
2) The Arab Muslim declared "That is not true Islam, Islam is peace!" Mutilated corpses of infidels do stay pretty still, one has to admit.
3) The White Homosexual made a cock joke. He does this at work too. He has been counselled for it, but nothing ever changes.
4) The White Lesbian sneered threateningly at the cock joke. I predict she already reported it to Human Resources.
5) The Latina knew one of the Mexican waiters at the Mexican restaurant. She also waved to a group of six Latinos in a booth by the entrance.
6) The East Indian stunk of curry. Even the smell of steaming fajitas passing the table could not overpower the curry stink.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Feel free to dismiss any notion of biological predetermination of behavior. The truth remains that even if each of these people was merely acting out a socially-constructed role, they did so with precision. Further, if you are a racist and a stereotyper, you are much more likely to guess correctly how a person will behave or has behaved. It can tell you which coworker is most likely to rat you out, which one cannot be depended upon to complete work on time, which one will make you nauseous in a closed room meeting with higher ups you want to impress. And if racism can be so useful in everyday life, surely it should be heeded in more important matters? For example: when you get the impulse to avoid a Negro walking directly toward you on a city street, or the impulse to be suspicious of your child's mincing Scout Master, or the impulse to restrict Muslim immigration into Western Nations.

What madness that such a basic survival instinct has been suppressed in the name of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, ou la Mort.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Policeman Shoots Suspect to Death, Orders Corpse Out of Car

And the suspect wasn't black??? Impossible! From the memorial T-Shirts above, he looks like a whigger though, doesn't he?


Montana officer Grant Morrison was found not culpable for shooting Richard Ramirez to death during a traffic stop last April, claiming he feared for his life because he thought Ramirez' hand was reaching for a nonexistent weapon.

After much testimony from police officers about what a bad guy Ramirez was and how he was high on meth, despite video evidence (below) that provides no evidence for Morrison's assertion other than that he was aggressive and high strung and hostile, but does show him continuing to shout bullying orders after opening fire and taking nearly a minute to call for medical help, Morrison was not charged.

Richard Ramirez the serial killer? No, he died in 2013. This is a different Richard Ramirez, but what an unfortunate name, eh? Let's watch this druggie get blown away. The action starts about a minute in:

That was pretty good, don'tcha think? The cop has a squeeky voice that reeks of pussidom. No wonder he shot that meth head. I especially enjoyed that as Ramirez squirmed and struggled and gurgled and guggled, the cop orders him to "Get Down! Out of the Car!". Maybe he should have ordered Ramirez to bow three times as well.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Look what the Patriarchy made this Latina do!

Damn you men! Quoting:

Miss BumBum contestant and Brazilian TV presenter has revealed the shocking damage caused by FILLERS injected to give her a BIGGER butt and thighs! Andressa Urach was hospitalized after cosmetic gels “rotted” her muscles! The wounds, as you can see got infected after they were removed which caused septic shock and deep HOLES in her legs.

Butt filler, butt filler in you squish - How many additional anuses do you wish? Looks like she choose 5, but they got a bit out of control. Ah, Brazil. Otherwise known as the United States in 2040. Be sure to visit the link for more gory glory.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sub-Ape Beaten Until He Trembles Like a Bobblehead

Again, I apologize to those who may have already seen this video, but I enjoyed it so much I had to share.

Lesson for the Darkie: Remember, Negroes are pack scavengers. You use hooting and wild gesticulations to shoo away predators and steal their meals. If you must go into a fight alone, always chooses someone weak, and use ambushes, sucker punches, and dirty fighting if you want to have a chance of winning.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

#WhitesLie for #BlackLives

It is a disturbing reality that one can make the argument above, then see the argument below, and still hold to the argument above. And yet, leftists do it everyday.

This is what distresses me about leftism - that its doublethink is the dominant narrative in a world full of otherwise rational, well-educated people. How can the Leftists be so dishonest? Had Kenqueca the black woman been Kendall the white woman, Kendall would be a racist. But Kenqueca is just being angry/rude. Even if Kenqueca shoots Kendall in the face screaming, DIE WHITIE!!! Kenqueca was just being angry/rude.

Dismiss this revisionist racism as an isolated opinion, but I think not. I think that by the time we see such opinions sprouting in the manure of social media, said opinions have miles of underground tendrils linking back to the Marxist indoctrination factories (universities).

I ask again, how can they be so dishonest? Because it is dishonesty for a just cause! Lying is permitted for a just cause. You don't tell the slave hunters where the runaway is. You don't tell the SS that Anne Frank is in the attic. You don't tell the cops you were robbed by a black man because the courts are stacked against black men and that's unjust. Therefore, you don't admit that blacks can be racist too, virulently so, because it does not help the social justice cause. You activate your doublethink, and Kenqueca becomes merely angry/rude.

If we acknowledge that leftism requires doublethink, we can also acknowledge that there is no point debating or engaging with a leftist on fair terms. You know they will lie in a cause they believe to be just. And worse, if evidence demonstrates their cause is unjust, their doublethink shields go up and the evidence itself becomes a source of injustice. Hence, simply pointing out that Kenqueca is racist, is itself racist, which makes me a racist, which means I am the enemy and I must be destroyed.

How can Western civilization go on like this? How could any civilization go on like this?

One more note. Don't believe Kenqueca is real? Fine. Admittedly, the anonymity of the internet can lead to hoaxery. Go here. Remove Kenqueca and insert any name you want from this list of angry/rude behavior.

Monday, January 05, 2015

#BlackBrunch - Malt Liquor Mimosas?

Let's see what the sub-ape Social Justice Warriors are up to today, quoting:

In a twist on sit-in-style protests, civil rights activists entered several restaurants in New York City and Oakland, Calif., on Sunday in what organizers billed as “Black Brunch.”

About three dozen people participated in demonstrations in New York, where they momentarily “disrupted” meals at popular midtown eateries, including Lallisse, Maialino and Pershing Square — places protesters identified as predominantly “white spaces.”

At each stop, demonstrators read the names of African-Americans killed by police.

Well, this is surprising. I didn't know Niggers knew what brunch was. I guess these hipster, liberal arts dropout niggers do. Thank you 1&1/2 years of government funded community college! The rest of the Negro population still thinks brunch is when McDonald's stops serving breakfast and starts serving lunch.

Here's another possibility: Brunch is a fourth meal niggers can run out on without paying the check (the others being breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

And another definition for niggers: Brunch is what that White couple were enjoying when you broke into their home and murdered them for crack money.

And just one more for White Guilt Suicidalists looking to rationalize this TNB: Brunch was a meal invented by White people so that they didn't have to eat alongside blacks during breakfast and lunch at integrated restaurants.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Dressing Like a Tramp Can Save Lives

According to this article, squeezing herself into a slut sheath saved 21-year-old Zoe Turner's life during a car crash. Sure it did.

[...] after leaving a Christmas party at her mother’s job, Zoe Turner, 21, grabbed a taxi with three friends. But soon after departing, a crushing accident occurred when a cement mixer rammed into the cab. [...] But, incredibly, according to her doctors, the tight dress she wore was able to prevent any bones from popping out of place and rupturing vital organs, which could have caused fatal injury.

Are you telling me those dual airbags didn't have anything to do with saving this crash test bimbo? This was a Christmas party at a place of business, not a frat party, right? Is there a reason she needed to display above and below her cleavage to celebrate the birth of Christ? Does her mother perhaps work at Hooters?

Quoting Chesty LaBoobs (same as the link above):

My body was aching and I just remember thinking – I have to get my belt off. The pain and restriction my dress was causing was unbearable and I stumbled out of the car.

Oh, for fuck's sake. There's no belt on that dress, so the belt she is referring to must have been a seat belt. And certainly the seat belt played no part in this miracle, right? This is where we are as a civilization. Empowering sluttery as a life-saving device to rival the seat belt.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Exploding drug labs not just for meth anymore.

Quoting this article, New marijuana trend sends smokers to burn units:

Also known as "dabs," “honey,” “shatter,” “budder” and “wax,” [cannabis] concentrates are made through different extraction methods. Colorado’s retail marijuana industry can manufacture them safely by using expensive, commercially engineered equipment, but a rising number of amateur cooks are trying to make concentrates at home by watching how-to videos on YouTube. Home cooks typically use butane, a cheap and highly combustible solvent, and sometimes it explodes.

In Denver, the most severely injured burn victims end up at the University of Colorado Hospital, which runs the city’s only burn unit. In the past year, the unit has seen 17 patients admitted for marijuana-related burns. Some cases involved burns to more than 70 percent of the body’s surface area and required extensive skin grafting.

What a bunch of dopes, ha! Talk about the unintended consequences of legalization. Marijuana-hysteric Bill O'Reilly is going to have a field day with this one.

Friday, January 02, 2015

A Conversation with Lurlene

Today I had a conversation with a White woman I will call Lurlene.

Lurlene is a friendly, middle-aged, snaggle-toothed, thick-bodied, worker ant with nothing going for her except that she toils at a well-above-average pace. She is poorly educated, and I daresay willfully ignorant. She has a racial swarthiness I attribute to the darker, more southerly regions of Europe, where the wild Moors once roamed or landed. Regardless, Lurlene is White on the government census, and will say she is White when she compares her own strong work ethic with the lack of work ethic among the Negro proles beside whom she toils.

So what is Lurlene to you, my White Whateverist reader(s)?
1) An equal, regardless of class or lack thereof?
2) Less than equal, but still a member of the race worthy of migrating to the future Whiteopia?
3) White Trash - a lesser element not worth saving?
4) Dunno. You're too much of a pussy to render judgment on one of God's creatures.

Keep that answer in mind as we proceed.

Let me give you a transcript of a conversation I had with Lurlene when she entered my office to empty the trash.
AA: Hello, Lurlene.
Lurlene: Hurmmmp?
AA: Hel...
Lurlene: Hi.
AA: Did you have a nice holiday?
Lurlene: Yep. See muh ring. (She flashes a thin gold ring with a small diamond).
AA: Very nice. A gift?
Lurlene: To muhself, yurp.
AA: Did your kids come home for Christmas?
Lurlene: Yea, and muh gran-daughter. (Finished with the trash).
AA: That's nice. (Ready for her to leave).
Lurlene: I got my son shoes, and he didn't want to try them on.
AA: Why is that?
Lurlene: He's em-bur-assed 'bout his feet.
AA: Why? Does he have six toes?
Lurlene: Yeah.

:::STOP::: Adrean - did you really ask this woman if her son had six toes, and did she respond, yeah?
Yes...I asked...and yes...she answered in the affirmative...and yes I am still employed ... for the moment.

Quiz Time again - what is Lurlene to you, my White Whateverist reader(s)?
1) An equal, regardless of class or her lack of class?
2) Less than equal, but still a member of the race worthy of migrating to the future Whiteopia?
3) White Trash - a lesser element not worth saving?
4) Dunno. You're too much of a pussy to render judgment on one of God's creatures.

Continuing the conversation :::RESUME:::
AA: Oh...
Lurlene: Yeah, had six fingers too. But we had the fingers removed.
AA: Polydactylism.
Lurlene: Hurmmmp?
AA: The condition of having extra fingers or toes.
Lurlene: He had both.
AA: (Smiling. Unsure if she is fucking with me).
Lurlene: Something yur born with.
AA: I see..
Lurlene: Don't know why.
AA: Do you have Amish ancestors?
Lurlene: Hurmmmp? Arm-ish?
AA: No?
Lurlene: We're part injun.

:::STOP::: I've said it before and I will say it again - I have never met a low class White Murican who didn't claim to be part Native American. :::RESUME:::
AA: Oh...
Lurlene: Blackfoot.

:::STOP::: Ah! There it is. The swarthiness explained. Blackfoot? My foot! Quoting this yahoo:
"Cherokee-Blackfoot" is an Indian blood myth mostly found in Black American families, although there are also some White American families that claim this affiliation who may not even be aware of their true African ancestry. People claimed "Blackfoot" to "pass" back in the day and downplay their Black blood.

AA: Wow.
Lurlene: Yep. (nonchalantly stretching) Back to work.
AA: Thanks, Lurlene.
Lurlene: Yep.

Quiz Time once more- what is Lurlene to you, my White Whateverist reader(s)?
1) An equal, regardless of class or her lack of class?
2) Less than equal, but still a member of the race worthy of migrating to the future Whiteopia?
3) White Trash - a lesser element not worth saving?
4) Dunno. You're too much of a pussy to render judgment on one of God's creatures.
5) Black or mixed-race.

My answer was #3 all along. Even if she is mixed, she is passing and is accepted by all around her as White. For me, her lowly social status and swarthiness both consign her to the trash heap. This is intra-racism - Whites hating on Whites. I admit it, and I fully endorse it. Racism is a force for good! It is an inner voice of warning - steer clear! Let this woman into Whiteopia, or heaven forfend your genepool and prepare for blackfeet with six toes!

By the way - Lurlene's daughter is a mudshark and her "gran-daughter" is half black.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Protected Class: Black Seals

MultiCulturalism has made Britain one giant ...

MW sent me this link from the ever rational and dignified Mirror:

Britain's biggest seal sanctuary has taken in its rarest rescue of the season, a highly unusual jet-BLACK pup - that was the subject of RACIST bullying.

The seal pup was brought to the sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, after it was found abandoned on the Isles of Scilly.

When the baby seal, nicknamed 'Badger', arrived at the centre he looked like a regular pup as he was still covered by his grey hairy infant coat.

After a while he began to shed his infant coat and the staff were amazed to discover he was a rare jet-black grey seal pup, more commonly found in Scotland.

He was found with an ulcerated eye and a variety of scars and wounds, which his rescuers believe could have been inflicted by other seals wary of his skin tone.

Wait a minute ... He shed his infant coat while at the sanctuary, revealing his black skin. But you think the reason he was rejected by other seals was because of the color of his skin, which could not be seen. 1+1=?

Top 5 Jokes for Racist Bullying of Black Seal Pup
1) If someone clubs that seal, do we call PETA or the NAACP?
2) I heard Eric Holder is opening up a hate crime investigation on the black seal's behalf.
3) We could start a new internet meme in support of the black seal - "Flippers up, don't club."
4) After shedding his fur, the pup was thrilled when he realized he could now date a Kardashian.
5) Black Seal pup joke: I wonder if that is what Heidi Klum's children went through after they shed their infant coats.