Monday, December 22, 2014

Negro "History" in Cartoon Form

If black people were left to their own devices to come up with their own history and communicate it to their progeny, what would it reveal? Well - how about rocket propelled pyramids, stone age time travelers, and hydrocephalic holograms? Such are the imaginings of this Black children's cartoon called "Tell Me Who I Am."

Quoting their own description of the cartoon: Excellent learning tool for history, science and positive values for children 3-11. You know, it's one thing to take liberties with history for the sake of a good story. It is another to equate flying pyramids to combustion engines and claim an ancient, big-headed god-figure developed the science behind both. Not that I am discouraging such fantasies. By all means proceed. In fact, I suggest White Whateverists help fund these episodes. The world needs much, much more of this.

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