Friday, December 26, 2014

More Non-Kosher YouTubery Today


  1. That's a very frightening youtube. It's been around at least a few years, an oldie but a goodie. Good for you for bringing back the classics!

    What I really like about it is how at the end of the brown and black people kill the poisoner of nations. How poetic that it should be them that kill the poisoners, when we fail to do so and are killed ourselves?

    This is very epic stuff playing out in the world. Most people take life lightly; they feel like they live in an age when no history is being made. But of course, hstory is being made! The history of white surrender and defeat by forfeit without a debate or a physical fight!

    I would call it a Stolen Surrender, which is no surrender at all. A usurpation, rather than a military victory.

    But the Usurpation Regime has a surfeit of chutzpathology, and drags the world toward an apocalypse that the Usurpation Regime will not be able to control, and will likely not survive it in it's current form.

  2. I find it interesting that the video does not require narration to communicate the story. Anyone should be able to get the message, but will they choose to ignore it?