Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Black Pete Riots

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Saint Nick is said to have a Negro sidekick called Black Pete. As Christmas time approaches, festivities involving both Saint Nick and his black companion occur in the Low Countries, featuring costumes, festivals, and the distribution of sweets to children. The glaring, obvious defect in this behavior is that White Belgians black their faces to portray Pete, which means cries of racism cannot be far behind. Quoting:

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Police arrested 90 protesters Saturday as a traditional Dutch celebration of the arrival of Saint Nicholas was disturbed by demonstrators who say his faithful sidekick, "Black Pete," is a racist caricature, and by supporters of the popular children's figure. [...]

Wouter Van Bellingen remembers how, as a black child growing up in mostly white Sint-Niklaas, he used to be taunted with chants of: "Look, there goes Black Pete."

"Kids can be hard when it comes to that," said the former Sint-Niklaas alderman and current director of the region's Minorities Forum. "I retorted with, 'There goes White Pete.' I always had my answer."

Well, that was a stupid answer, nigger! There is no such thing as White Pete. You should have said something like, "Yeah, and I was just delivering a package to your mama!" I suppose Dutch Niggers aren't as quick with the jive-talk as American Niggers.

Still, this demonstrates that we should never underestimate how impactful childhood experiences can be. Wouter von Darkie still harbors animus to the children who called him Black Pete. As an American, I have seen the same anger from adult Asians who remember being taunted with cries of "Ching, Chong, Ching, Chong" when they were children. Yet, according to the article above, two million people endorsed a Facebook campaign to keep the image of Black Pete from being changed to appease the politically correct who find Pete racist. Do you understand? Millions of people used social media to keep a blackface character intact - that is only possible because what Pete represents is a piece of their childhood.

Please take this to heart, White Whateverist! Your leftist enemies understand this all to well. What we experience as children makes us what we are today. But contrary to leftist propaganda, it is not necessary to teach hate to children in order for them to be racist. In the case of Black Pete, love of the character makes 2 million people cling to a blackface stereotype! PLEASE understand this! Your squandering your talent writing essays on radical-third-position-anti-establishment-quasi-nationalist-traditional-masculine-hyper-identitarianism that only doddering old sods would waste time to read. Focus your efforts on the minds of the young, and anything is possible!

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