Saturday, November 01, 2014

Diversity Busts a Bust

Where the rest of it at?

In this article from, we learn that a campaign to install 13 diversity-friendly busts outside of Sioux City’s Martin Luther King Transportation Center has been facing funding problems that will delay installation of said busts. Quoting:

So far, organizers have raised approximately $200,000 of the $500,000 needed to complete the Celebrating Community Project. But Flora Lee, president of the Celebrating Community Foundation, said the shortfall is only a delay.

Celebrating Community Project, have learned their first lesson about Diversity: Without the threat of physical or financial ruin, humanity doesn't give a crap about the Cult of Diversity. If sub-apes were threatening to burn down Sioux City, or there was some pending discrimination lawsuit in the works, you can bet the City Council and/or area businesses would be more than grateful to chip in ~$40,000 per ugly bust.

It should be noted that the president of the project's steering committee, Flora Lee, is also the head of the local NAACP chapter. Nobody do it like Flora Lee - you can watch her in all her Ebonics glory below.

Highlights from the video:

She claims the "bus" will be placed on pedestals.
She describes the artist involved as an "accompliced sculptor"
She claims that by donating, you will be doing good "expecially" for those overlooked by society.

In conclusion, she pleads "you are the light at the end of our tunnel".

Oh Flora, I bet you can't find your tunnel with both hands and a flashlight.

One more note - did you notice any minority group missing from her list? Ironically, while listing the overlooked, Flora Lee overlooked the LGBT community. Oops! Or perhaps there is more to it? Better keep that possibility on the down low.

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