Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Argentinians who do more than stare at goats.

What the hell is up with South Americans and goats? Last week there was the story of a Brazilian man who had both hands chopped off for allegedly stealing goats. This week we have this story:

A family have unwittingly become the subject of public accusations of bestiality after one of their goats gave birth to mutated stillborn baby goat.

The Villalbas from the Centro region of Argentina gained these unwarranted charges after a friend posted photos of the kid online.

Their friend’s intention was highlight the results of excessive use of pesticides not condemn the clan for deviant sexual behaviour.

There is currently heated debate in Argentina as to whether the high levels of pesticides used in farming is causing to health problems in the human population.

So what are the Argentinians going to cut off for the man who caused this abomination?

Contrary to previous reports, this is not a picture of infant Rosie O'Donnell, though the resemblance is striking.


  1. Clearly the use of pesticides is bad. Just look what happened to Adolf when he tried it.

    1. Now I recognize that picture! It's a young Irene Zisblatt, the Jewess who escaped the gas chamber and repeatedly defecated and swallowed diamonds for five years.