Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spook Spooked by Halloween Decoration

Spook - there is a slur I don't use often enough. SPOOOOOK.

A sub-ape-ess in Oklahoma has taken offense at her neighbor's Halloween decorations. Quoting:

Jamilla Phillips (above right) said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw President Barack Obama’s name on one of the fake Halloween tombstones across the street.

"I was absolutely offended," Phillips said.

The Dockens family members said they have put the tombstone up in their yard for the last three years and haven't had a complaint before.

Phillips recently moved into the neighborhood, and said she felt like she had to speak up.

“He is the president of the United States and it actually is about respect," Phillips said. "It’s a total respect thing because this person is still alive.”

Note that the tombstone doesn't actually say Obama is not alive. The joke on the tombstone is there is a question mark where the birth year should be, which is in reference to the Obama birth certificate controversy.

And so, Jamilla ... (((snicker))) ... Jamilla, ha! ... so Jamilla - if the name had instead been George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or George H.W. Bush, or Jimmy Carter, this would be just as offensive, right? Is it at all possible that you have decided to interpret this "disrespect" as a racial insult, and, being the racist that you are Jamilla, that you have chosen to publicly decry a supposed insult to the highest profile member of your race? I'm not criticizing, mind you, only asking. Btw - Spook-tacular job Jamilla finding something to be outraged about just three weeks after moving into your neighborhood! The average chalky surburban Obamaton couldn't have done better!


  1. "... it actually is about respect," "It’s a total respect thing..."

    What is it with these jungle bunnies and respect, do they even know what the word means? My feelings are hurt and that's disrespect. You won't give me free stuff and that's disrespect. I'm not allowed to behave like a savage and that's disrespect.

    It seems they've all taken the Black Power bullshit seriously and really believe they are all kings and queens to be fawned over constantly.

    1. This entitlement attitude is most glaring among darkies because they so seldom do anything worthy of respect. However, the "everyone deserves respect" attitude is creeping through all aspects of cultural life. Corporate/Scholastic culture teaches us everyone must be given respect, they don't have to earn it. Codswallop! I say these people don't understand the difference between respect and manners. Just because I say please and thank you doesn't mean I respect you, anymore than shouting "My nigga!" as a show of respect means a groid is practicing good manners.

    2. Spot on! That's why whenever they gather in numbers chaos ensues. They have no concept of politeness; holding a door or 'after you'. They see it as deference and therefore a sign of weakness to be exploited.

      But that's okay, we're all equal. Ho Hum :)

    3. Racist tip of the day: Always hold doors open for darkies.Why? Because staying face to face with them makes it more difficult for them to play the knockout game.