Thursday, October 09, 2014

None dare call it art.

Normally when I read that a work of "street art" has caused a controversy, I roll my eyes and click for the exit. There are only so many vagina-egg-plop masterpieces I can stand before I tune out the world. However, when the artist is jailed for his art, I raise an eyebrow. In this age of tradition-smashing, I am unaware of any cultural taboo that cannot be violated in the name of art. However, in place of traditional Western taboos, there have risen modern, multiCULTural taboos that are as stridently enforced as were their antiquated predecessors. Today's story is a case in point.

In August, Swedish artist Dan Park was imprisoned by his White-Suicidalist overlords for thought-crime in the form of offensive art. Park's artworks have been decried as racist incitements of hate. The picture to the left is an example.

Dear White Whateverist visitors, does this picture incite you to hate? I find it humorous, and it makes me smile. Further, knowing that here in Amerikwa we still have the freedom to post such images actually makes me grateful to be in Amerikwa and not in Europistan.

What people seeing this picture are suddenly seized with hatred? The answer is obvious - leftists. Leftists are furious that people with whom they disagree have free speech. Leftists are enraged by any opposition to their total hegemony in all aspects of our lives. Leftists are apoplectic that anyone could get away with the slightest hint of offense to their messianic egos.

And yet, there are still those who dare raise a middle finger to the frothing maw of the MultiCult. It's astounding. Park's art that was ordered destroyed by Sweden's government is up for sale in Denmark. Quoting this article:

The Free Press Society has also set up a website to sell the nine disputed artworks through its library, under the banner ‘Sweden’s most dangerous pictures - buy them here’.

“The proud Swedish street artist Dan Park is not for the fainthearted. His sarcastic comments on the ruling political correctness and the so-called ‘anti-racists’ have struck fear in the hearts of those in power. They persecute him with unfounded accusations of ‘racism’ and that peculiar Swedish crime labelled ‘slander of people groups’. That is why he is in prison and why his pictures are being seized and destroyed,” the website reads.

"When it comes to Sweden’s rulers, little surprises us. They are the ones who – with open eyes – are shoving the old peaceful, democratic and affluent Sweden into the abyss...

And in a sane, just society, Sweden's rulers would be in prison for their treason and there would be no need for art that questions how free we truly are.


  1. For your consideration; my own little piece of 'hate-art' that is sure to have the perpetually aggrieved untermenschen wringing their hands and crying foul.