Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween: A Great Excuse to be Racist

Shall we hold an informal contest amongst ourselves to determine just what percentage of Halloween costumes this year will be Ebola-themed? I expect to see a lot of people in surgical masks, hazmat suits, and rubber gloves wandering the streets this Halloween, so I shall hazard a guess at 40%.

If this estimate led you to rethink your costume choice for fear of not standing out in the crowd of Ebola-themed lemmings, may I recommend this article from last Halloween:

Culturally Insensitive Halloween Costumes

Any of these choices will be sure to horrify your leftist neighbors in a way no eyeball bleeding epidemic could. IMO, here are the two best from the list:

The "George P. Bush"

The "Oprah Winfrey"


  1. I've got my Trayvon™ costume back from the dry cleaners and am looking forward to some yummy gibsmedats from my unwitting neighbours.

    1. Outstanding. Remember to get a pic and post it to the interwebs to get the leftists frothing. We are desperately low on outrage these days.

    2. I shall endeavour my utmost good sir. But if you don't hear from me after that night, take it as read that I have been gunned down by a mestizo in whiteface.

    3. Eat your Skittles and drink your watermelon iced tea! They will give you super Trayvon-monkey-strength to fight off your mestizo stalker.