Monday, October 13, 2014

Dressing Down (Syndrome that is)

For a person with Down Syndrome, it can be difficult figuring out what to wear in the morning. Back in the 90's, it was so much easier. All a mongoloid had to do was check his or her wristband, with its inspirational guidance: WWCW - What would Corky wear? From this BBC article, we learn that making clothes specifically for mongoloid clientele is actually a thing in the 21st century:

Two US companies are designing clothes to better fit the body shapes of people with Down's syndrome. [...]

Ashley DeRamus began designing dresses for women of a similar shape to herself when she couldn't find anything in High Street shops that fitted well. The company she founded with her mother, Ashley by Design, based in Alabama, sells dresses based on Ashley's own measurements. Providing clothes for women, the outfits include features like ruffles and overlays "to cover up big stomachs" as Connie puts it.

In Ohio, Karen Bowersox runs Down's Designs, a company which makes jeans and fashionable trousers for kids and adults with the syndrome. When she struggled to find clothes on line with arms and legs short enough to fit her granddaughter Maggie, she suspected that others might be having similar problems and investigated further.

Good for them!

Doubting Arnolds: Whatchu talkin bout, A-drey-drey? No snarky comments?

Come now, how could anyone disagree with making better fitting clothes for mongoloids? Well, except for this cunt:

Another mum, Jane Gordy, whose daughter is Sarah Gordy, an actress with Down's syndrome who has appeared in BBC TV's Call the Midwife, dismisses the idea that people with Down's have shapes which aren't catered for. She says there's no need to use special shops and, addressing the stomach size in particular, says: "I bet there's no reason for the majority of people not to have good muscle tone." She believes this could be more about parents' expectations of their children and a "lack of ambition" for them. She says: "Sarah works out every day using three exercise tapes and she is a dancer so is pretty fit."

Seriously, is this celebrity-retard mother actually fat-shaming mongoloids? Low muscle tone and ligament laxity are skeletomuscular consequences of Down Syndrome, not over-indulgent parenting of mongoloids. Just when I think I am the worst person in the world, some bitch strolls by fat-shaming mongoloids and ruins my rep. Let's work on that...

Here - I now have a criticism of mongoloid fashion. I want to know, just what was so wrong with the outfits I came up with back in 1935?!?

To be honest, it was ol' H-Rich Himmy who added the black triangle. He was very into color-coding. I told him that we didn't need special triangles to figure out who were retards, but he insisted. In the end, all the inmates wanted black triangles because it meant not much work was expected from them. I remember this one time at camp when the homosexual barrack did a triangle raid on the retard barrack and swapped their pink triangles for the retard's black triangles. The joke was on them - I had issued an order that all retards were to be given "special treatment" that afternoon and all the homosexuals were to be assigned to work on the camp Christmas play. Worst Christmas play ever.


  1. It’s about time these handy-capables receive a government grant for a designer range of helmets. They’ve been culturally appropriating from cyclists for far too long.

    1. May I recommend this designer?