Sunday, October 05, 2014

Animal Babies: A Child's Introduction to Furry Fetishism

Continuing with yesterday's theme of animal-human hybrids, let us today consider these curious plush dolls - Animal Babies ...


Animal Babies Nursery is the cutest collection of baby animals for kids to name, love and nurture just like a real baby! At approximately 10.5” in height with soft fur and cuddly bodies, they make the perfect snuggly companion. Specially designed hands allow babies to really suck their thumbs, hold their pacifiers and even hold hands with all other Animal Babies Nursery animals! Also includes a magic cookie that baby can “really” bite through! Each baby features hospital band on its arm so you can give it a name and make it yours to love forever!

"Specially designed hands" with opposable thumbs ... so these are not truly meant to imitate baby animals, these are anthropomorphic chimeras from an undisclosed hospital, who your children are intended to feed with magic cookies. Certainly, there could be no negative repercussions to such influence, right?

Just for giggles, let us don our tinfoil hats and consider what subconscious messages might be sent by such marketing. Is it possible that little girls might be influenced to consider animal children as valuable as human children? Is it possible that little girls might see less-than-human creatures as worthy of their maternal affection? Is possible that little girls might question how such hybrid creatures are created, and to imagine that human mommies and animal daddies make cute, lovable half-human babies?

Whinging Leftist: NO! NO! NO! Those are irrational, hysterical impossibilities that only a warped mind could imagine. Humans cannot be subconsciously influenced by baby dolls.

Yes, of course. Impossible. So, if I give little girls white, blue-eyed, blonde haired baby dolls with Nordic features and call them Perfect Babies, it would have no influence on their young psyches, right?

Whinging Leftist: Wrong!!! Of course it would! It would perpetuate the idea the white babies are more desirable than non-white babies. It would perpetuate the stereotype that the only role of females is to be brood mares for the next generation of little Eichmanns. It would make little girls imagine Nordic mommies need Nordic daddies to make cute, lovable Nordic babies! It's beyond disgusting - monstrous is what it is.

But I thought you said baby dolls can't subconsciously influence young girls?

Whinging Leftist: Racist!


  1. Little girls have seen less-than-human creatures as worthy of their maternal affection ever since Theodor Adorno and Franz Boas had their way.

    'My Little Negro' and 'Mud-shark Mania' have been exciting pastimes for discerning wite wimmins since the sixties.

    Having fluffier play-mates is simply the natural progression.

    1. I agree. And at the same time little White girls are being turned into animal-fucking degenerates, little White boys are being turned into little White girls.