Monday, September 01, 2014

Who be raisin' these chilluns?

As we all know, the greatest enemy of black children is the Milk Chalk Devil Scourge. However, there are times when black parents and grandparents may also be a detrimental influence on da chilluns. Blasphemy! I know. Still, for your consideration...

Example 1The sheriff's office report about Bobbey Jo Boucher says she hung up on the deputy Wednesday after she told him that she “had to get on stage.” MyFox Tampa Bay said the deputy had contacted the 29-year-old about her missing daughter at the Calendar Girls strip club in the City of Hudson.

The girl had been reported missing by her grandmother. The grandmother said the girl and Boucher had gone to a BBQ joint up the street from the strip club. Boucher told the deputy she left the girl there to go to work. The girl was found unharmed. She reportedly was missing about four hours.

Boucher was charged with obstruction. MyFox Tampa Bay said Boucher later posted bond and was released.

Example 2Some say a grandfather took the ice bucket challenge way too far when he poured freezing cold water on his 10-month-old baby.

"I was shocked," said the girl's father, Claude Dalcour. "Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled.

Dalcour said he's going through a nasty divorce with the girl's mother. Things got even nastier when he saw his ex father-in-law's Facebook post.

Dear Whities,

Please stop interfering with devolution. Allow natural selection to finish its job.

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