Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Brazilians who Stare at Goats

It is once again time to be reminded what it is like to live in the multi-racial paradise Brazil, or as it is otherwise known, America in 2040. Quoting posts on LiveLeak: (WARNING: Graphic Video Linked)

On Sunday afternoon Josemar Ferreira de Sousa was attacked with a machete receiving blows to his legs and head and having both hands chopped off. The assailant, 40 year old Norberto da Silva Moraes accused de Sousa of trying to steal his goats. [...]

After turning Josemar into a bloody mess, Norberto da Silva Moraes called the police and waited until they arrived. The police however arrested him right away for attempted murder. So much for doing the right thing – next time he should just let the thief bleed to death helpless in the field and spare himself the hassle of dealing with police and being arrested. [...]

De Sousa was transferred to hospital in a critical condition but is expected to live.

Wow, this raises some questions:

1) Did de Sousa actually steal or try to steal the goats?
2) If de Sousa was guilty, what did he plan on doing with the goats? Is there a black market fence who deals specifically in goats?
3) Is chopping someone's hands off an appropriate punishment for goat-theft? If not, what should be the appropriate punishment for goat theft?

These are just a few of the questions your children and grandchildren will face as Murika descends into Third World status under the tide of illegal mass migration. Therefore, I recommend investing in manufacturers that specialize in hooks and peg legs.


  1. This is clearly another example of white privilege, no kidding around.

    Maybe the goats were being oppressed, put down by their gruff owners.

    Perhaps some day, J F de Sousa will be referred to as the 'Goat Emancipator'.

    Don't cut him off at the knees just yet, no one knows what hand those poor ruminants had been dealt.

    1. That was really good! Its kind of gets my goat that I didn't think of it first =D

  2. He was innocent, said the police afterwards.