Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Polygleam" Parody

This parody of a tooth polish commercial is pretty funny, but its primary value is that it offers White people the perfect line in response to hypersensitive groids with attitudes. See if you can spot the line (it is quoted below).

"Fuck you man, and the high horse you rode in on." Love it. Hey, mantra-spewing Kool-Aid drinkers, why not put that quote on an overpass banner?


  1. LULZ! Black Dentist :)

    Yo yo yo, I needs you to be shines my grill!

    Sorry Sir, This is a dental surgery, you need to take your car to a valet service.

    Sheeeit cragga ass dentis, I nose dis be a tental surgury. Let me sees yalls Black Dentist...

    1. =D

      White dentist be like ... "Oh, I see some plaque here, we are going to have to fix that to prevent tooth decay."

      Black dentist be like ... "Yo bref tink, nigga. Whatchu wan' me do about it?!?"

  2. "Wachoo meen cracka, Eye nose dat toof payst bee spelt r-o-o-f-i-n-g c-e-m-e-n-t"

    1. Ha! That reminds me of the negropotamus who mistook a tile brush for a toothbrush.