Friday, September 12, 2014

Over-Easy Anti-Racism

In this article from Joe the Plumber's website, the author considers the latest leftest Anti-White propaganda slogan:

Racism is not over, but I'm over racism.

Quoting from the article:

These are the sentiments given by a group of [nigger] kids from the block where Michael Brown, of Fergusson Missouri, lives. They were recruited to make this video to bring awareness to the fact that it is the white people in the country that won’t let racism die. Michael Brown, of course, was the young man, who was black, that was shot and killed by a white officer in early August. That shooting, and because Brown was unarmed, riots started in the area due to people’s outrage.

Never mind the fact that an unarmed white man was killed two days later by police…

I refuse to re-post the video, but I will provide a link to it on YouTube. So what is the best way that you can start fixing your racist ways, you cracker devils? Quoting Queen Laqueefa in the video (she is pictured above): "Be the shit, get a shirt." Buy a $13 shirt with the above slogan, and $5 "goes to charities working in communities to fight racism". What a surprise ... people who make anti-racist t-shirts tell you the best way to fight racism is to buy anti-racist t-shirts. I guess they included the one white guy in the commercial because someone has to actually operate the t-shirt making machine.

I suggest we start selling white shirts with black letters that say:

Racism is not over, but I am over being called racist.

$5 of every sale will go to Adrean Arlott to spread racism in your community.


  1. My idea for a t-shirt:

    1. Yes! Excellent. Have fun being White - own your Whiteness with a knowing smile.

  2. Here is another very informative article about t-shirt manufacturer FCKH8, and some of the leftists who resent them.