Thursday, September 18, 2014

Me so sowwy

A NOTE saying “I am Asian and can’t drive” apparently left on a damaged car in Newtown has sparked outrage on social media network Reddit.

Posted by Redditor “Ilyank” on Wednesday night, the note apologises for smashing into the parked car and offers a Hungry Jacks fast food restaurant voucher for causing the damage.

However according to the Reddit user, people who saw the incident said the culprits “weren’t even Asian”.

The post has attracted more than 120 comments, with Reddit users quick to condemn the person responsible for the damage.

Ok, this is definitely hilarious, but it doesn't add up at all. I suspect this is a staged event. In other words, this did not start with someone striking a parked car and then saying "You know what ... I am going to leave a hilariously racist note!" It started with someone looking at the damage to a parked car saying "Typical ... another Asian driver at work. Hey, that gives me an idea ... wouldn't it be funny if I posted a picture on the internet ..."

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  1. The note is clearly a work, and the damaged car could just be a pic lifted off the Internet or that was even Photoshopped.