Sunday, September 07, 2014

Drew Carey's $10,000 Bucket of Crap

The ALS ice bucket challenge: Humanity's latest conformist spectacle.

Unless you have not been exposed to any media or casual conversation whatsoever in the past month, you know about the ALS ice bucket challenge. Here is the official explanation of the challenge, from the ALS Association:

The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting that video to social media, then nominating others to do the same, all in an effort to raise ALS awareness. People can either accept the challenge or make a donation to an ALS Charity of their choice, or do both.

Oh, you mean like an electronic chain letter. Nice to know that charming form of social exploitation has been resurrected. How could this possibly cause problems?

Woman suffers concussion and whiplash in another Ice Bucket Challenge fail

4 firefighters injured when Ice Bucket Challenge goes wrong

Man Nearly Dies In Ice Bucket Challenge After Plane Drops Water On Him

One surprising fact about the challenge is that the ALS Association tried to trademark their gimmick, before "the public's concern" forced them to withdraw their applications. One wonders if the ALS Association's legal department was the real source of concern, wanting to minimize their liability should any injured challengers be of a litigious nature.

Now, onto another consequence of the ALS ice bucket challenge - bullying. Quoting this article:

Comedian Drew Carey is offering to help police find those involved in dumping a bucket of urine and faeces on a special-needs teen in Ohio who was reportedly told the prank was part of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Cleveland native posted on his Twitter account Saturday that he's willing to donate $10,000 if police in suburban Bay Village want to start a reward fund.

$10,000 dollars??? Jesus Drew, is he your bastard or something? That would explain why the little retard just stood there and took it - he couldn't see it coming. Look at the White Trash that generated this retard and left him in the hands of abusive ne'er-do-wells ...

Disgusting. For Christ's sake you are being interviewed by the media. Take a shower and change out of your Monster Truck Rally outfits. And posture, people ... posture! Continuing to quote the previously linked article...

Detective Kevin Krolkosky said the youths suspected of bullying the 15-year-old could face criminal delinquency charges.

The teen's family said they want the teens behind the twisted ALS challenge held accountable.

‘The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke,’ [the victim's mother] said. ‘I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel.’

Because they can. It's all part of forming your own psycho-sexual mannerbund for Jack Donovan to slobber over. Peer pressure makes people do stupid things. The mentality of your peers merely determines the contents of the bucket they will pour over your head.

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