Monday, September 15, 2014

Django Re-Chained

Django Unchained and Weeds star Daniele Watts was arrested after police reportedly caught her having sex in public with her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, but the couple insist they were just kissing, and that they were targeted because Watts is black ... AND because cops thought she was a hooker!

[...] Eyewitnesses from the nearby Directors Guild office told police that the man was sitting in the seat, the woman was straddling him and one eyewitness told cops the couple cleaned themselves up with a tissue afterwards. EW! [...]

The cops then demanded to see their IDs, at which point Lucas complied but Watts refused. Watts accused cops of targeting her because of her race, and when the situation got even more heated, apparently she tried to play the fame card. The actress stormed off, but the cops caught up with her, cuffed her and took her to a local station. “Two people were briefly detained, but it was revealed no crime had been committed,” Medera added.

Getting arrested after being mistaken for a hooker turning a trick with your White trash boyfriend in a parked car on a public street ... How black is that!?!

Before we so quickly dismiss the possibility that the couple may have broken the law, may I recommend that we call in a professional to assess whether or not the indecent act truly took place:


  1. Woodd some1 pleeeeeez thinks of da chillins...


    1. Good point ... we should send this sub-ape-ess some morning after pills.