Thursday, September 04, 2014

Did Jerry Lewis have Joan Rivers Whacked?

Today it was announced that Joan Rivers died. Unlike the death of Robin Williams, which was such a relief to me, I didn't much care about the death of Joan Rivers one way or another. In a way, that's kind of a compliment to her, coming from such an evil wicked racist like myself. I found Joan Rivers mean-spiritedness and criticism of celebrities both accurate and funny. On the other hand, she was a rabid Zionist and Israel-Firster - which I found distasteful.

Let me be clear - as Obongo would say - I don't find distasteful Zionists or Israel Firsters who are actual Jews. It makes perfect sense for Jews to want their own homeland and to stick up for it. Compare that to White Christians who are rabid Zionists - what freakin' sense does that make? What I found distasteful was Joan's comedy would be interrupted with deadly seriousness when Israel was discussed. "Don't go there!", she would exclaim. This ran contrary to her no-holds barred approach to comedy on other no-go topics/people such as Michelle Obama, the Cleveland sex-slave captives, and animal rights.

To be fair, I have to admit that I have pulled punches and deliberately refrained from criticizing most White Whateverists, a group of people who are absolutely rife with absurdities worthy of ridicule. But I certainly don't claim some moral boundary exists on any topic, protecting it from discussion and/or critical analysis.

Now, the patient among you who read through this, or the impatient who simply skipped to this paragraph but who were not so disengaged as to have navigated away from this post, may be asking - What do you mean Jerry Lewis may have had Joan Rivers whacked? Well ... below is a video of the most self-important schmekel-sucker around, Jerry Lewis, saying that he will not feel bad when Joan Rivers dies. He goes on to complain that Rivers once made a joke about him needing his telethon kids in order to still have a career. He claims his response was to pen a letter threatening her with physical harm. Therefore, I suggest a Federal investigation be launched into the events surrounding Rivers' death, in the hopes that the government will intervene and Jerry Lewis will be taken to the electric flubber chair and put out of our misery as soon as possible.

If Jerry Lewis hated Joan Rivers, that is reason enough for me to look upon her favorably.


  1. Your article suggests that there are good Jews, and that only Zionist Jews are bad Jews. If you put any group of Jews, Zionist or non-Zionist, in a white country, eventually they'll bring that country to ruin. Why is that?

    Because there are NO good Jews.

    1. If that is what my post suggests, I apologize.

      Jews are an existential threat to White people and the two groups are completely incompatible.

      That being said, the point I was trying to make is that I am more disturbed by White Zionists than Jewish Zionists as the former illogically fight against their own interests for the benefit of the latter.