Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Conservative Negro to the Rescue

As the following video makes clear, the best way for a White conservative to win an argument with an agent of the MultiCult is to have a conservative Negro standing nearby to speak for him. In the video, a White anti-immigration protester who has just been assaulted during a demonstration is asked if he is "a rah-cyst" by a amusingly outdated-looking Univision reporter. Seriously, this cuntorita looks like she just stepped out of a CompuServe commercial, circa 1987. The freakin' Golden Girls didn't have shoulder pads like this bitch has. Christ, Tammy Faye's make-up looked more natural. Facing this, the befuddled, dazed Chalkie stumbles through his denials until a conservative Negro steps in to put the beaner into her place.

The Negro rescuer in this video is Jesse Lee Peterson, a right-winger and friend of Negrophile Sean Hannity. Peterson is a Pastor Manning-esque character (or perhaps Manning is Peterson-esque) whose opinions on immigration and criticisms of African Americans would draw immediate condemnations of White Supremacy, were such opinions coming from the soft, pink, thin-lipped mouth of a Chalky tea partier.

As satisfying as it may be to see the Beaner-Bitch back down, let us not forget that she did not have a Negro leftist standing beside her, ready to take up for her cause. As a MultiCultist, Beaner-Bitch knew the score - darkie trumps beaner, just as beaner trumps Chalky. It's part of the "Rules of Calling Someone a Racist" flowchart that all leftist whores are provided when they sign their New World Order indentured service contracts. Had a leftist Negro been on hand, s/he would have no doubt retorted - "You're an Uncle Tom! This White man would have owned you at one time! Now you stick up for him like a house slave!" At that point, instead of an exasperated sneer, Beaner-Bitch would have displayed a sanctimonious sneer - these being the two stock emotions with which every MultiCultist comes equipped.


  1. What's the name of the White conservative in this video?

    1. Chalky McNobody.

      I'm sorry, that was rude ... and funny. I really don't know. Perhaps another visitor will. In trying to find out who he was, I discovered that this video is from 1996, which sort of explains why the cuntorita is out of date. "Sort of" because she is only 10 years behind fashion instead of 25.

      Still, RE: the Chalky. He took a frozen Coke can to the head and stood right back up. Good for him.