Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whoopi vs. Cushion

The Whoopi in question is Whoopi Goldberg, and the Cushion in question is porcine megadyke Rosie O'Donnell. (Now that's a cushion nobody is interested in pushin'!) It seems Rosie's return to The View has caused some friction with View-staple Goldberg. Quoting...

[...] Goldberg cut O’Donnell off by cutting to commercial and that upset Rosie. Goldberg was told by producers, in her ear piece, which Rosie refuses to wear, to go to commercial because they were going overtime while discussing the issue of “spanking children.”

[O’Donnell] said that she didn’t appreciate Whoopi cutting her off and was hurt. While Goldberg told O’Donnell that this wasn’t the time or place to have this discussion, Rosie carried on and argued her point. “It makes me upset and I just don’t want to have to go through this.”

Eventually enough was enough for Whoopi, and she finally snapped and cursed at Rosie.

“Fuck it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don’t want to listen. If you want to go there, Rosie, I will, damn it. I’m really sick of your shit!”

Praise DATGOY, someone finally had the courage to say it! And because Goldberg is an old, gay-friendly Negress, O'Donnell is completely checkmated by the rules of Cult of Diversity (CoD) chess. White lesbians are just pawns - never forget who the black queen is. Not that this will lessen O'Donnell's slavish devotion to the CoD, but it is nice to hear that pig-faced cunt got shoved back into her in sty.

And the Cult of Diversity conflict doesn't end there, further quoting...

Another awkward moment happened between the ladies during Monday’s show. Rosie was making fun of Sarah Palin’s remarks about how liberals call racism whenever they want to end criticism about Obama. To that Rosie yelled, “racism” to end the segment, but apparently Whoopi didn’t find it humorous and went on a spiel.

“Oh honey, if you ever really met a racist you wouldn’t throw that word around quite as lightly. Racists don’t play — they aren’t cute, they’re not cuddly."

Depending on how the word "play" is used, this is not entirely true, but I certainly agree with Whoopi in principle. The word racist is like heretic or sinner or Nazi or even nigger... a nasty epithet too casually assigned to one's enemies without due consideration of the context and severity of the accusation. Now, would anyone like to play a game with me?

Monday, September 29, 2014

The White Privilege Warning

The White Privilege Warning, by Adrean Arlott

White Privilege is the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you, you cisgendered racist Nazi bigot. You have the privilege of Diversity. If you cannot afford Diversity, your homelands will be confiscated and handed over to non-White immigrants in lieu of reparations. If you decide to resist your privilege, you will be expelled by your school, terminated by your employer, and threatened by the extra-judicial harassment of your racial enemies. Understanding your privilege as I have just explained it to you, just what are you going to do about it?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Brazilians who Stare at Goats

It is once again time to be reminded what it is like to live in the multi-racial paradise Brazil, or as it is otherwise known, America in 2040. Quoting posts on LiveLeak: (WARNING: Graphic Video Linked)

On Sunday afternoon Josemar Ferreira de Sousa was attacked with a machete receiving blows to his legs and head and having both hands chopped off. The assailant, 40 year old Norberto da Silva Moraes accused de Sousa of trying to steal his goats. [...]

After turning Josemar into a bloody mess, Norberto da Silva Moraes called the police and waited until they arrived. The police however arrested him right away for attempted murder. So much for doing the right thing – next time he should just let the thief bleed to death helpless in the field and spare himself the hassle of dealing with police and being arrested. [...]

De Sousa was transferred to hospital in a critical condition but is expected to live.

Wow, this raises some questions:

1) Did de Sousa actually steal or try to steal the goats?
2) If de Sousa was guilty, what did he plan on doing with the goats? Is there a black market fence who deals specifically in goats?
3) Is chopping someone's hands off an appropriate punishment for goat-theft? If not, what should be the appropriate punishment for goat theft?

These are just a few of the questions your children and grandchildren will face as Murika descends into Third World status under the tide of illegal mass migration. Therefore, I recommend investing in manufacturers that specialize in hooks and peg legs.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

CDN Video: Too respectable to take out the trash.

On this episode of Compulsory Diversity News, Adrean considers recent in-fighting among respectable and trashy White Whateverists, and offers his own take on the matter.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Alligator Bait

It is truly inspiring to learn more of our people's rich and distinguished history of racist behavior. I am always fascinated to discover some new racist tidbit, and delighted to absorb it into my own vast, hateful repertoire for future use and enjoyment. Today's entry is "Alligator Bait". Let's learn together, quoting...

The headline in the September 21, 1923 Oakland Tribune reads "PICKANINNY BAIT LURES VORACIOUS 'GATOR TO DEATH. And Mother Gets Her Baby Back in Perfect Condition; Also $2". In the article T.W. Villiers chronicles the entire process of using black babies as bait and how "these little black morsels are more than glad to be led to the 'sacrifice' and do their part in lurking the big Florida gators to their fate without suffering so much as a scratch." 

Villiers is quick to point out that the babies are brought out of the "water alive and whole and come out wet and laughing" and that "there is nothing terrible about it, except that it is spelling death for the alligators." In a strange twist, Villiers reports on the hunter's attempts to rationalize the motivation of the alligators to "jeopardize every hope of life for a live baby, and in the matter of color, the additional information is vouchsafed that black babies, in the estimation of the alligators, are far more refreshing, as it were, than white ones."

So, here we have the origin of the koon pursued by an alligator motif! Isn't that delicious?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Negress has Junk in her Trunk

A 19-year-old Negress has been arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida following a traffic stop for blocking an intersection. Breona Watkins also ...

1) Had a busted headlight
2) Was driving without a valid license
3) Gave the deputy a fake name
4) Had stashed her 5-month old in the trunk of her car

Quoting: The infant was found lying on top of several dangerous items, including a large pair of bush-cutting shears, a rusted tire iron and a rusted metal hanger. A used gas can and fuel pump were also found in the trunk.

I know what your thinking ... typical pigs, racially profiling an innocent black woman. Ha! Just kidding. If you are a regular visitor of this site, you are thinking ... TNB ... and you're right!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chingy Chong Kills Girlfriend's Dog, Feeds it to Her

You pretty much have the whole story in the headline, but here are the details. Quoting:

Authorities say Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend on August 4 before allegedly physically assaulting her. The victim fled out the back door and noticed both Watenpaugh and her Pomeranian named Bear were gone from the residence when she returned.

Nearly a month later, after the couple briefly reconciled, Watenpaugh cooked his former girlfriend a meal which included meat. Shortly after, the victim received a series of disturbing text messages from her ex, according to a press release from the Redding Police Department.

Watenpaugh texted his former girlfriend, "How's your dog taste? I thought it was better with BBQ and those Hawaiian buns," followed by "I guess u could bury what u didn't eat," CNN affiliate KRCR reported. [...]

On September 9, during the early morning hours, Watenpaugh’s ex-girlfriend allegedly heard a truck pull up to her residence. Upon looking outside, the victim said she saw Watenpaugh walk up to her front door, place something near the door and walk away. When she opened her front door, she found a small bag containing two dog paws and a note containing the words "burn in hell," police 

Let's go through the stereotype check list:

Asian men are not desirable as boyfriends - check.
Asian men have a fetish for dismemberment - check.
Asian men kill and cook dogs for dinner - check.

All he needs now is a selfie of his cashew penis and Ryan Watenpaugh will win 2014's Most Stereotypical Asian Guy Award.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Something free to do in Athens Greece this weekend

The three photos above are part of an art exhibition this week in Athens, Greece. Can you guess the title of the exhibition?

Medusa's Legacy: Faces of Domestic Abuse.
Sappho and the 21st Century Transgendered Experience.
Abortion: The Odyssey.
Genital Warts: The Dark Side of Sex Tourism in Lesbos.
Women who have had sex with swans, thinking they are Zeus in disguise.

None of the above ... the correct answer is "100 Tear Drops for Racism". The whole Grecian theme was a red herring!

Now look at these cunts again. Do you see any tears? From left to right, I see Shame, Worry, and Bitchiness - the three faces of menopause. Let's read the description of the event:

100 Tear Drops for Racism
> Athens > To September 27
Cultural venue Metapolis presents “100 Tear Drops for Racism,” an exhibition featuring portraits of women by photographer Dimitris the Athens. Running to Saturday, September 27, the display is organized by Medecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) and is open to the public Tuesday to Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. Admission is free of charge. For more information, visit www.mdmgreece.gr.
Metapolis, 48-50 Aiolou, Monastiraki,
tel 210.325.3550, www.metapolis.gr

Imagine that, free to the public. Who doesn't want to spend their afternoon looking at black and white photos of menopausal hags pretending to be weeaallly verwwwy saadddd about racism. For Christ's sake such drama queens. Why don't you save those anti-racist tears in a special little bottle like Nero did in the movie Quo Vadis?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Surprise ... some fences still matter in the USA

Here's an interesting bit of irony...

WASHINGTON (AP) - The man accused of scaling a security fence and getting into the White House with a knife is scheduled to have his initial appearance Monday in federal court.

Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas, is facing charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon.

Wait ... are you saying it is illegal for a beaner to jump over a fence into territory we don't want him in?

That's the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Don't you know ...

As a member of the mestizo race, how can Gonzalez be denied entry anywhere in the homeland of his ancestors? As La Raza reminds us ...

The real obscenity here is that there is a fence around the "White" House at all. How racist! I'm sure that President Obama will agree with his leftist friends that what should apply in this case is the doctrine ...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Female Rapper Raped and Immolated by Competition

This is not some sensationalist headline that doesn't deliver the goods ... literally, a 36-year-old female rapper is said to have been raped, shot, and set on fire by three Negroidal competitors after she won a rap battle against them. This story is from February 2014, so please forgive if you've already been informed, quoting:

Joey Betrail Garron, 28, Robert Carl Johnson, 23, and Ketorie Glover, 23 all of Columbus, Georgia could not handle losing to a woman in a hip hop rapbattle, so they allegedly raped, beat, shot and doused the woman with gasoline setting her on fire before leaving her for dead.

Columbus police reportedly responded to a vacant parking lot where a person was screaming out for help. They found a woman suffering from several gunshot wounds in the vacant lot.

Finally, a rap battle in which I can find interest!

As would be expected, leaders of the civil rights movement and advocates for women's health and safety have been all over this story. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sandra Fluke, and of course Michelle Obama have been relentlessly hammering away at the culture of violence that produced this atrocity. Furthermore, public figures including Queen Latifah, Whoopie Goldberg, and Kim Kardashian have used their celebrity status to promote the First Lady's hashtag campaign #RealRappersDontRapeOrImmolate. Oh wait ... this just in ... none of that ever happened.

And why is that, hmm??? Must be because the White Power media establishment buried this story like a gassed Jew in Auschwitz circa 1942, then dug the story up, burned it to ashes, and reburied it in 1944 so that no one would have evidence of what the evil Chalkies made those three black sons of Obama do:

[...] Sgt. Lance Deaton reported the victim was still in “extremely bad shape.” [...]

“She may never walk again. She may never have the use of her left arm,” Deaton said. “She was in a coma for three weeks. They had to remove part of her lower intestines, and she’s still receiving ’round the clock care.”

One last detail in this story ... after seeing the mugshots of the accused on television, a 19-year-old female went to police to report she had been raped five years prior by one of the suspects. Damn, how many rap battles can these niggas lose?

Friday, September 19, 2014

#Remember911 @KaBOOM

I entirely missed this story last week, so perhaps other White Whateverists did as well ...

After spending a day in remembrance of the attacks that happened 13 years ago on September 11, Americans found a shocking surprise on their social media sites. First Lady Michelle Obama was tweeting about her and Barack’s experience working with the kids at event. Unfortunately, the event was hosted by a charitable group called KaBoom.

The result was a very shocking tweet from the First Lady’s twitter account:

Ha! That goes pretty well with this blast from the past ...

Now I don't feel so bad about that time I tweeted in remembrance of the Holocaust while I was buying a gas furnace.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Me so sowwy

A NOTE saying “I am Asian and can’t drive” apparently left on a damaged car in Newtown has sparked outrage on social media network Reddit.

Posted by Redditor “Ilyank” on Wednesday night, the note apologises for smashing into the parked car and offers a Hungry Jacks fast food restaurant voucher for causing the damage.

However according to the Reddit user, people who saw the incident said the culprits “weren’t even Asian”.

The post has attracted more than 120 comments, with Reddit users quick to condemn the person responsible for the damage.

Ok, this is definitely hilarious, but it doesn't add up at all. I suspect this is a staged event. In other words, this did not start with someone striking a parked car and then saying "You know what ... I am going to leave a hilariously racist note!" It started with someone looking at the damage to a parked car saying "Typical ... another Asian driver at work. Hey, that gives me an idea ... wouldn't it be funny if I posted a picture on the internet ..."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ol' Jennifer L. Eberhardt ... She's a natty scholar.

In today's story of the Decline of the West, we learn that a sub-ape-ess was awarded a $625,000 MacArthur Foundation genius grant for her valuable work in "investigating the subtle, complex, largely unconscious yet deeply ingrained ways that individuals racially code and categorize people." So what did this genius discover? ... People associate blacks with criminal behavior. Cha-Ching!!! ... Come on, give that sub-ape-ess a plush banana for most blatantly obvious discovery of the 21st century, but $625,000?

In the video above, the Negress "genius" Jennifer L. Eberhardt uses a technique of showing White and Negro faces followed by blurry pictures of guns and knives, then announces that subjects can spot the weapons more readily if they are shown black faces rather than white. Hence, blacks are associated with crime, and that be racist, yo [not a direct quote]. But what if the subjects had been shown blurry basketballs and watermelons, or blurry polka bands and mayonnaise jars? Would there be similar, supposedly racist correlations made? And would those correlations be mere stereotypes, or accurate associations? For example, if I showed people pictures of rivers and ponds, then they picked out fish more readily, would we say ... fish in water!?! You filthy, stereotyping bigot!

Perhaps some would argue that the value of Eberhardt's work lies in how it connects this ingrained bias with supposed miscarriages of justice. Later in her video, Eberhardt discusses how the more stereotypically black a defendant looks, the more likely that defendant will receive the death penalty. But this is an even sloppier conclusion than her initial experiment. Are we to believe that the only difference between one pool of defendants and the other is the darkness of their skin? What about the differing rap sheets of the defendants? Did they have more or less character witnesses or family testimonies on their behalf? Were the darker defendants poorer, and/or more likely to receive ineffective counsel? Were the crimes of the darkest darkies more violent or horrific, their victims more defenseless? Now, please brace yourselves ... could it be that the darkest darkies actually deserved the death penalty more than the not-as-dark darkies?

That's not the point of course. This kind of agenda-science is completely driven by social engineering dogma. Further, the MacArthur Foundation is all about awarding leftists for advancing propaganda for the MultiCult religion. Consider some of the other MacArthur fellows awarded this year alongside Eberhardt:

- Alison Bechdel is a cartoonist and graphic memoirist exploring the complexities of familial relationships in multilayered works that use the interplay of word and image to weave sophisticated narratives [...] her long-running comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For (1983–2008).

- Mary L. Bonauto is a civil rights lawyer whose powerful arguments and long-term legal strategies have led to historic strides in the effort to achieve marriage equality for same-sex couples.

- Steve Coleman is an alto saxophonist and composer whose technical virtuosity and engagement [combines...] melodic, rhythmic, and structural components inspired by music of the larger African Diaspora.

-Sarah Deer is a legal scholar and advocate leveraging her deep understanding of tribal and federal law to develop policies and legislation that empower tribal nations to protect Native American women from the pervasive and intractable problem of sexual and domestic violence.

- Ai-jen Poo [is a labor organizer] catalyzing a vibrant, worker-led movement for improved working conditions and labor standards for domestic or private-household workers.

Ok...got to stop there. Aging Poo? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Darrien Hunt: Stupid Darkie was Kung fu Dying

Oh, this is rich ... In Utah, a mulatto was shot to death by police outside of a Panda Express while said mulatto was brandishing a samurai sword.

I will give you a moment to process that.

I know, what the fuck? Right? That's not at all how I expected Huey Freeman to go out.

Seriously now, quoting...

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A young black man who was fatally shot last week by Utah police lunged at the officers with a real sword that had a 2.5-foot steel blade, prosecutors said Monday.

Reports from Darrien Hunt's family that the 22-year-old was carrying a toy sword are not accurate, said Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor. [...]

[mudshark] mother has accused police of shooting her son because he is black. Police say race played no role.

Silly Po-Po, of course race played a role. Being half-Negro and half-mudshark, Darrien Cunt possessed a destructive mental defect, a combination of self-righteous entitlement (from his mudshark mother) and blunted frontal lobes unable to foresee the consequences of his actions (from his sub-ape father). His demise was pre-ordained by his sloppy, mishmashed genome.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Django Re-Chained

Django Unchained and Weeds star Daniele Watts was arrested after police reportedly caught her having sex in public with her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, but the couple insist they were just kissing, and that they were targeted because Watts is black ... AND because cops thought she was a hooker!

[...] Eyewitnesses from the nearby Directors Guild office told police that the man was sitting in the seat, the woman was straddling him and one eyewitness told cops the couple cleaned themselves up with a tissue afterwards. EW! [...]

The cops then demanded to see their IDs, at which point Lucas complied but Watts refused. Watts accused cops of targeting her because of her race, and when the situation got even more heated, apparently she tried to play the fame card. The actress stormed off, but the cops caught up with her, cuffed her and took her to a local station. “Two people were briefly detained, but it was revealed no crime had been committed,” Medera added.

Getting arrested after being mistaken for a hooker turning a trick with your White trash boyfriend in a parked car on a public street ... How black is that!?!

Before we so quickly dismiss the possibility that the couple may have broken the law, may I recommend that we call in a professional to assess whether or not the indecent act truly took place:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kanye West Doesn't Care About Disabled People

In the immortal words of President Obama, Kanye West “is a jackass”. The Mail reports that the entertainer, and self-proclaimed “voice of this generation”, recently stopped a concert in Australia to demand that two disabled people in the audience stand up and dance.

One was in a wheelchair. The other had a prosthetic leg, and was reduced to the indignity of waving it in the air to prove that they were in fact disabled. And proof was needed. When Kanye learned that the two seated fans had disabilities, he sent his bodyguard into the crowd to check they weren’t lying. “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

It sure is.

While it is tempting to merely marvel at the audacity of a messianic-complexed sub-ape who demands the lame stand in his presence, never forget who has empowered him - his White worshipers. 

You may watch the video of the event here. Listen how the audience demands the non-conforming cripples stand for their Nubian master. Listen how they laugh when they discover the heretics are wheelchair-bound, and how they cheer when the show resumes. My dear White visitors - shall we blame Jews for this? Or can we accept that the vast majority of White people deserve what they get and the more they have coming. May their crippled souls flop about in hell-fire with their mentally disabled chimp master leading the screams of the damned. Ha! What an image :) And if those gimps who were humiliated by Cunt-yeh don't wake up and abandon their sub-ape worship, they can burn as well, wheelchairs and all.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Emma Sulkowicz: The Girl who Cried Rape

Perhaps you have heard of the Columbia University student who is carrying around her mattress on campus as both a protest and as a visual arts project intended to drive her rapist out of the University. Quoting:

[Emma] Sulkowicz said she was assaulted in her dorm room by a classmate on the first day of her sophomore year. She accuses Columbia administrators of mishandling the investigation into the incident, and has protested the dismissal of her case against the assailant, particularly as two other women have claimed they also were raped by the same man in separate incidents.

Holy shit. If there needs to be a picture in the dictionary next to the entry "attention whore", this cunt has the job. As you see from the picture above, my interpretation of her protest is it must have felt pretty damn great being raped, if you carry around your mattress as a memento. Most people who get raped carry things like ... oh, I don't know ... pepper spray, or a gun, or even a dinky whistle. This bitch carries around her mattress. Does Emma Sulkowicz keep a display case on her wall with the semen-stained panties she wore the night of the assault? Does she keep the unwashed blanket upon which she was raped, and wrap herself in it while studying for finals? Does she keep the song she was raped to on her iPod and play it during family dinners? Quoting Emma, "This is the song I was raped to. Would you please pass the stuffing?"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Over-Easy Anti-Racism

In this article from Joe the Plumber's website, the author considers the latest leftest Anti-White propaganda slogan:

Racism is not over, but I'm over racism.

Quoting from the article:

These are the sentiments given by a group of [nigger] kids from the block where Michael Brown, of Fergusson Missouri, lives. They were recruited to make this video to bring awareness to the fact that it is the white people in the country that won’t let racism die. Michael Brown, of course, was the young man, who was black, that was shot and killed by a white officer in early August. That shooting, and because Brown was unarmed, riots started in the area due to people’s outrage.

Never mind the fact that an unarmed white man was killed two days later by police…

I refuse to re-post the video, but I will provide a link to it on YouTube. So what is the best way that you can start fixing your racist ways, you cracker devils? Quoting Queen Laqueefa in the video (she is pictured above): "Be the shit, get a shirt." Buy a $13 shirt with the above slogan, and $5 "goes to charities working in communities to fight racism". What a surprise ... people who make anti-racist t-shirts tell you the best way to fight racism is to buy anti-racist t-shirts. I guess they included the one white guy in the commercial because someone has to actually operate the t-shirt making machine.

I suggest we start selling white shirts with black letters that say:

Racism is not over, but I am over being called racist.

$5 of every sale will go to Adrean Arlott to spread racism in your community.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Polygleam" Parody

This parody of a tooth polish commercial is pretty funny, but its primary value is that it offers White people the perfect line in response to hypersensitive groids with attitudes. See if you can spot the line (it is quoted below).

"Fuck you man, and the high horse you rode in on." Love it. Hey, mantra-spewing Kool-Aid drinkers, why not put that quote on an overpass banner?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Socked her in the bean, and knocked out a 20 dollar weave...

Yesterday, a visitor suggested: You need to do a story about the racist gargoyle. Very well, I shall.


A Chicago mother of two [Sarah Bean, left] was headed to lunch with her fiance in the city's South Loop on Thursday when pieces of a gargoyle fell from a church's facade and struck her in the head, killing her.

She was headed to lunch? Nice. Want to throw in any details about how the last time her family saw her was when she was headed out the door to buy some headcheese before heading to work early so she could stay ahead of traffic?

Sarah Bean's fiance, Lance Johnson, started screaming, the witness says, as he fell to the ground and held his hands to his head. Family members tell NBC Chicago the couple was due to marry soon; Johnson is the father of Bean's two children, ages 10 and 14.

Yes, her name is Bean, and she was killed after being hit in the bean. This suggests that her fiance Johnson would be wise to wear a cup around gargoyles. Also ... due to marry soon? 14 years after the birth of their first child? I knows niggas be late all the time but sheeeiiiittt. Let's turn to video for more:

"I felt like somethin' happened..." Felt with your Jedi mind powers? You saw nothing and heard nothing when a huge chunk of masonry dropped upon the head of your baby momma? I'm guessing he was on his cellphone at the time. By the way - to the Chalkies interviewing this fellow - shove your microphones up your asses you worthless vultures. Please note, the white gargoyle was innocent. It was the black racist metal plate that sliced off the gargoyles head that fell on Bean. More black on black violence.

And finally, for the most important detail in a story of a darkie killed by a falling gargoyle: Did you see the sign for Sister B's Bingo Bonanza? Sounds like super fun.

Monday, September 08, 2014


This is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like. #BurnWhiteJesus is a social media trend in which people burn pictures of White Jesus. Quoting:

The challenge to burn white Jesus, also known as “The White Jesus Picture Challenge,” seems to be a recognition that the common portrayal of Christ as a man of white european [sic] heritage is false, and that the image of a white Jesus has been used to advance white supremacy around the world.

Here is a humorous example:

As an anti-Christian, I do not care a jot about this. As a racist, I find this amusing, and I predict White Guilt Suicidalists will soon join in on this trend. I also predict Jews will soon be on the street corners of black neighborhoods peddling $5 Xerox's of White Jesus.

Sweet Brown Link

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Drew Carey's $10,000 Bucket of Crap

The ALS ice bucket challenge: Humanity's latest conformist spectacle.

Unless you have not been exposed to any media or casual conversation whatsoever in the past month, you know about the ALS ice bucket challenge. Here is the official explanation of the challenge, from the ALS Association:

The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting that video to social media, then nominating others to do the same, all in an effort to raise ALS awareness. People can either accept the challenge or make a donation to an ALS Charity of their choice, or do both.

Oh, you mean like an electronic chain letter. Nice to know that charming form of social exploitation has been resurrected. How could this possibly cause problems?

Woman suffers concussion and whiplash in another Ice Bucket Challenge fail

4 firefighters injured when Ice Bucket Challenge goes wrong

Man Nearly Dies In Ice Bucket Challenge After Plane Drops Water On Him

One surprising fact about the challenge is that the ALS Association tried to trademark their gimmick, before "the public's concern" forced them to withdraw their applications. One wonders if the ALS Association's legal department was the real source of concern, wanting to minimize their liability should any injured challengers be of a litigious nature.

Now, onto another consequence of the ALS ice bucket challenge - bullying. Quoting this article:

Comedian Drew Carey is offering to help police find those involved in dumping a bucket of urine and faeces on a special-needs teen in Ohio who was reportedly told the prank was part of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Cleveland native posted on his Twitter account Saturday that he's willing to donate $10,000 if police in suburban Bay Village want to start a reward fund.

$10,000 dollars??? Jesus Drew, is he your bastard or something? That would explain why the little retard just stood there and took it - he couldn't see it coming. Look at the White Trash that generated this retard and left him in the hands of abusive ne'er-do-wells ...

Disgusting. For Christ's sake you are being interviewed by the media. Take a shower and change out of your Monster Truck Rally outfits. And posture, people ... posture! Continuing to quote the previously linked article...

Detective Kevin Krolkosky said the youths suspected of bullying the 15-year-old could face criminal delinquency charges.

The teen's family said they want the teens behind the twisted ALS challenge held accountable.

‘The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke,’ [the victim's mother] said. ‘I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel.’

Because they can. It's all part of forming your own psycho-sexual mannerbund for Jack Donovan to slobber over. Peer pressure makes people do stupid things. The mentality of your peers merely determines the contents of the bucket they will pour over your head.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Pope Derp and White Genocide

I don't like Pope Francis. To me, he is just another MultiCult tool who wants to flood Europe and the United States with sub-human and sub-ape filth he hopes will restock his emptying pews. From this July 2014 article:

“Many people forced to emigrate suffer, and often, die tragically,” the pope said in a message sent to a global conference in Mexico.

“Many of their rights are violated, they are obliged to separate from their families and, unfortunately, continue to be the subject of racist and xenophobic attitudes.” [...]

“I would also like to draw attention to the tens of thousands of children who migrate alone, unaccompanied, to escape poverty and violence,” the pope said.

“They are increasing day by day. This humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected.”

Well, at least his attitudes are consistent with his Christian beliefs - giving away shirts off backs and such. Over at Alternative Right, an author named Buffalo Jenkins has helped stir up the muddy pond of "faith" and the political "right". Quoting,

How to find a way to unite Neo-Pagansim, Christianity, and atheism?

...to march alongside each other, each focusing on individual strengths, each with mutual respect.

And, as would be expected, out come the same tired pontifications in the comments - Western Civilization is Christian, the Christianity of today is not the true Christianity, my version of Christianity is better than yours, White first - religion second because I want heaven on Earth, religion first - White second because I want to go to heaven when I'm dead.

Let me offer a different view: those who are awake to the mortal peril of our race do not need to unite and get along, nor do they need to debate one another and pick fights. They need to leave each other alone and go out amongst the unawakened to find White converts  for their respective beliefs. Christians, go give White people your shirt and coat. Pagans, go plant an oak grove and invite White people to celebrate solstice. Atheists, go get White people together and work on Sunday.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Did a Mongoloid Rape 8 Black Women?

 The fellow to the left is Daniel Holtzclaw, a 27-year-old police officer from Oklahoma City. I start off by telling you this because when I first saw this picture, I thought the story was going to be "Oklahoma Police Murder Mentally Disabled Man". Instead the article claims: Money Pours In For Cop Who Raped EIGHT African American Women 
After reading that headline, you will probably be asking yourself the same vital question that I asked myself -
The Oklahoma City Police hire retards? Just kidding. The real question is, what sicko is paying this retard to rape Negresses? No...just kidding again. Seriously now - the reason for this man's challenged appearance is that he is mixed race: White and East Asian. This means, using the the media's George Zimmerman Racial Identity Algorithm, Daniel Holtzclaw is a White Supremacist, member of the Hitler Youth, and three time winner of the Mr. Aryan Universe contest. So what is Der F├╝hrer's story?

Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw has been arrested for raping or sexually abusing eight different women, all of whom are African-American, under the threat that he would arrest them if they did not comply. According to USA Today, the 27-year-old officer was charged with “two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of indecent exposure, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of stalking.”

A GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Holtzclaw raised $7,000 before being shut down - hence the aforementioned "money pour[ing] in".

As in the case of Darren Wilson, I shall reiterate that Daniel Holtzclaw has the presumption of innocence, and it is improper for the media to declare he raped anyone until that is proven in a court of law. However, unlike the case of Darren Wilson, the case of Daniel Holtzclaw involves a mixed race man. It will be interesting to see if the media can pull another Zimmerman in this case, turning Holtzclaw white as the driven snow in order to play up the racial angle and draw in viewers/readers. If they do, please be ready to share the photo below of Holtzclaw with his parents.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Did Jerry Lewis have Joan Rivers Whacked?

Today it was announced that Joan Rivers died. Unlike the death of Robin Williams, which was such a relief to me, I didn't much care about the death of Joan Rivers one way or another. In a way, that's kind of a compliment to her, coming from such an evil wicked racist like myself. I found Joan Rivers mean-spiritedness and criticism of celebrities both accurate and funny. On the other hand, she was a rabid Zionist and Israel-Firster - which I found distasteful.

Let me be clear - as Obongo would say - I don't find distasteful Zionists or Israel Firsters who are actual Jews. It makes perfect sense for Jews to want their own homeland and to stick up for it. Compare that to White Christians who are rabid Zionists - what freakin' sense does that make? What I found distasteful was Joan's comedy would be interrupted with deadly seriousness when Israel was discussed. "Don't go there!", she would exclaim. This ran contrary to her no-holds barred approach to comedy on other no-go topics/people such as Michelle Obama, the Cleveland sex-slave captives, and animal rights.

To be fair, I have to admit that I have pulled punches and deliberately refrained from criticizing most White Whateverists, a group of people who are absolutely rife with absurdities worthy of ridicule. But I certainly don't claim some moral boundary exists on any topic, protecting it from discussion and/or critical analysis.

Now, the patient among you who read through this, or the impatient who simply skipped to this paragraph but who were not so disengaged as to have navigated away from this post, may be asking - What do you mean Jerry Lewis may have had Joan Rivers whacked? Well ... below is a video of the most self-important schmekel-sucker around, Jerry Lewis, saying that he will not feel bad when Joan Rivers dies. He goes on to complain that Rivers once made a joke about him needing his telethon kids in order to still have a career. He claims his response was to pen a letter threatening her with physical harm. Therefore, I suggest a Federal investigation be launched into the events surrounding Rivers' death, in the hopes that the government will intervene and Jerry Lewis will be taken to the electric flubber chair and put out of our misery as soon as possible.

If Jerry Lewis hated Joan Rivers, that is reason enough for me to look upon her favorably.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Conservative Negro to the Rescue

As the following video makes clear, the best way for a White conservative to win an argument with an agent of the MultiCult is to have a conservative Negro standing nearby to speak for him. In the video, a White anti-immigration protester who has just been assaulted during a demonstration is asked if he is "a rah-cyst" by a amusingly outdated-looking Univision reporter. Seriously, this cuntorita looks like she just stepped out of a CompuServe commercial, circa 1987. The freakin' Golden Girls didn't have shoulder pads like this bitch has. Christ, Tammy Faye's make-up looked more natural. Facing this, the befuddled, dazed Chalkie stumbles through his denials until a conservative Negro steps in to put the beaner into her place.

The Negro rescuer in this video is Jesse Lee Peterson, a right-winger and friend of Negrophile Sean Hannity. Peterson is a Pastor Manning-esque character (or perhaps Manning is Peterson-esque) whose opinions on immigration and criticisms of African Americans would draw immediate condemnations of White Supremacy, were such opinions coming from the soft, pink, thin-lipped mouth of a Chalky tea partier.

As satisfying as it may be to see the Beaner-Bitch back down, let us not forget that she did not have a Negro leftist standing beside her, ready to take up for her cause. As a MultiCultist, Beaner-Bitch knew the score - darkie trumps beaner, just as beaner trumps Chalky. It's part of the "Rules of Calling Someone a Racist" flowchart that all leftist whores are provided when they sign their New World Order indentured service contracts. Had a leftist Negro been on hand, s/he would have no doubt retorted - "You're an Uncle Tom! This White man would have owned you at one time! Now you stick up for him like a house slave!" At that point, instead of an exasperated sneer, Beaner-Bitch would have displayed a sanctimonious sneer - these being the two stock emotions with which every MultiCultist comes equipped.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Who be raisin' these chilluns?

As we all know, the greatest enemy of black children is the Milk Chalk Devil Scourge. However, there are times when black parents and grandparents may also be a detrimental influence on da chilluns. Blasphemy! I know. Still, for your consideration...

Example 1The sheriff's office report about Bobbey Jo Boucher says she hung up on the deputy Wednesday after she told him that she “had to get on stage.” MyFox Tampa Bay said the deputy had contacted the 29-year-old about her missing daughter at the Calendar Girls strip club in the City of Hudson.

The girl had been reported missing by her grandmother. The grandmother said the girl and Boucher had gone to a BBQ joint up the street from the strip club. Boucher told the deputy she left the girl there to go to work. The girl was found unharmed. She reportedly was missing about four hours.

Boucher was charged with obstruction. MyFox Tampa Bay said Boucher later posted bond and was released.

Example 2Some say a grandfather took the ice bucket challenge way too far when he poured freezing cold water on his 10-month-old baby.

"I was shocked," said the girl's father, Claude Dalcour. "Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled.

Dalcour said he's going through a nasty divorce with the girl's mother. Things got even nastier when he saw his ex father-in-law's Facebook post.

Dear Whities,

Please stop interfering with devolution. Allow natural selection to finish its job.