Sunday, August 17, 2014

White Supremacist Attack Pigeons

:::Urgent Bulletin:::

To: All agents of Diversity brought in to replace the indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles

Be on the look out for dive bombing White Supremacist Pigeons. These trained attack birds have launched their first successful assault on the mouth of Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young.

Quoting this article from yesterday,

It couldn’t get much worse for United, but that’s exactly what did happen for midfielder Ashley Young. The England international was left fuming at his side’s defending and gave them a piece of his mind, only for what appeared to be a chunk of bird excrement to land in his mouth.

See the hate crime footage below.

I know we are so used to shit flying out of the mouth of the sub-apes that seeing shit going in is a jarring experience. However, agents of Diversity, do not give our enemies the satisfaction of spitting. Show them a swallow of defiance, as Ashley Young did.


  1. HA! 'swallow of defiance', I see what you did there :)

    First we had the Storm-trooper Swan Commando at Warwick University. Now we have White Supremacist Attack Pigeons at Old Trafford. It would appear that our feathered friends in Old Blighty know the score and far more so than the average bird-brained White man or woman of this country. Here's hoping for a Murder of Kamikaze Crows to Blitz London in the near future...

    On a lighter note; why don't owls mate in the rain? Because they're too-wet-to-woo...

  2. Your owl joke is cute!

    Isn't it sad that birds do more to inconvenience the Third World invaders than the Brits do?

    On a side note, are we talking about African, or a European swallow?

    1. Depends on the wing-span, innit!

    2. Ha! Indeed. Can't compare to the Norwegian Blue, though.

    3. It's only a model...