Sunday, August 31, 2014

White Make-Up + Black Person = Monster

Nothing helps reveal how monstrously ugly most black people are than painting them white. As I recently stated in this post:

Chalkie + Dark Make-up = Black-face
Darkie + White Make-up = Monster

Another way to express these equations is:

Chalkie + Dark Make-up = Comedy
Darkie + White Make-up = Horror

Need more proof than the morbidly unfunny movie White Chicks? OK, how about this nightmare from rappist Snoop the Doggy Dog, quoting:

Snoop has been posting pictures and videos of himself in whiteface as Todd since Aug. 28, which TrapBeatz has compiled into a minute and a half of Snoop doing his best white guy impression [...]

[...] We're just as lost as you. First, why is it called White Guys Connect and isn't connecting white guys with other white guys? Also, why Snoop is doing this?

Let's address an issue that has been raised in comments for this video.

Is what Snoop the "Go-Go Dog-person" did racist? Yes, in that in promoted negative stereotypes about a race of people. However, as I recently stated in the linked post from above:

Of course, this is all done with the intent of correcting historical wrongs, which excuses the racism against the Whites, and demands that we not call it racism against Whites, but social justice. In fact, should a White person call such discrimination racism, they will be pelted with a chorus of sarcastic, schoolyard boo-hoos from those who enable the discrimination against them, "Look how oppressed I am ... I'm a White male ... waa waa!!!"

Right on queue, a person pointing out that this was racist was told that this was in response to historical wrongs, and was mocked with "boofuckinghoo".

At this point, you may be driven to ask - "Adrean, what is it like being right all the time?"

It's pretty lonely. Only a colossal misanthrope such as myself can endure such otherness. By my estimation, Compulsory Diversity News is the least popular source of Pro-White information in existence. Blogs that claim Jews are space lizards who need the blood of newborn gentiles in order to power their global mind-control perpetual-motion-dreidels get more hits per hour than I do per day.

Then why carry-on? For the same reason the Snoopity Woopity Droopity Dog does - to increase net global racism. That's what monsters do, regardless of skin color.


  1. If I may be so bold, I have a different take on this. I don’t think it’s racist for a negro to ‘chalk-up’, they’ve tried to be us ever since they first encountered us. It’s cute, like those videos people post on-line of their dogs howling – he’s singing ma, he’s singing.

    Look at all the hair extensions and skin lightening creams that account for the majority of their expenditure. ‘Ifs we looks lyk dem we bees dem aight!’ In this neck of the woods no hip happening homie would be caught dead in public without is milk white running shoes that could be followed through a coal mine. ‘Da mor wyte u be havs da betr dawg!’

    But I will admit that this video is terrifying. Seeing a negro wearing spectacles is like seeing a goat wearing lipstick.


    I’ll be hiding under the bed clutching my crucifix.

  2. Ha! That is an interesting take. Perhaps then Snoopy the rappist has attempted to complete a Michael Jackon-esque transformation and truly believes he has become a real White boy and that he is now passing!

  3. Adrean,

    Are you kidding, this website is awesome bro! I go here every day!

    1. MW, you're alive! Good to know you're still kicking around the interwebs :)