Saturday, August 16, 2014

White Britons: Enjoying your 2nd class status?

An estate agent with 17 convictions for assault has been spared jail for her latest attack after she glassed a man in the face.

Yasmin Thomas, 21, was handed a suspended sentence when she appeared in court for attacking Ronnie Lee, 24, in a nightclub in Bournemouth.

He was out at Bar So with friend, Richard Evans, to celebrate setting up a telesales business when he was approached by Thomas who was out with her friends.

They went onto the dance floor when one of Thomas's pals took Richard's e-cigarette off him and threw it onto the ground.

Ronnie told the Daily Mail: "Yasmin picked it up and tapped me on the shoulder and gave it back to me. I was surprised and handed it back to Richard.

"She then said 'Aren't you gonna say thank you then?' I was confused and didn't say anything. She threw a drink on my face first and then smashed the glass on my left eye socket."

He criticised the suspended sentence handed to Thomas, who works for Palmer Snell estate agents, saying that if it was a man attacking a woman he would have been sent to prison.

Oh Ronnie, you stupid, stupid man. What else do you expect from a sub-ape except an "oooga booga"?

I don't disagree that gender had something to do with the ruling, but more importantly your attacker is of a protected class - class DDD: Disgusting, Dangerous Darkie. You know, the people your overlords have brought into Britain to replace the indigenous White population?

Imagine the reverse, Ronnie. Imagine you had smashed a glass into a darkie's face, be it a male or female darkie. News outlets the world over would label you a racist monster, a reactionary vigilante trying to turn back the tide of history, a pathetic loser who couldn't deal with the positive multicultural contributions of a successful person of color.

Meanwhile, this sub-ape-ess chalks up her 17th assault conviction and heads home having taught all White Britons a lesson: "You are our prey, and this land is ours now. Oooga. Booga."

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