Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Video Games: The White Problem

I enjoy video games. PC games to be precise. I haven't been a console gamer in years. I know there are White Whateverists who condemn video gamers, but not me. Like any other form of media, there are positives and negatives to gaming. Yes, gaming contributes to physical idleness, and disconnection from reality. However, is there anyone on Earth who is active and engaged all the time? Is there no room in life for lazing on the couch or in a comfy chair enjoying a bit of escapism? I argue that gaming is much more mentally engaging than television and reading - two other prevalent forms of escapism. Certainly the mental component must count for something.

Why did I choose this topic today? I was perusing the internet for anti-White propaganda, and found an article in which some hipster dingus argues that video gaming has a White male problem - games feature White males, are made for White males, are made by White males, and that is just wrong, don't cha' know! The article rambles all over the place. It is disjointed in the extreme. The author starts by examining media attitudes toward the abundance of White males in gaming, and ends up making broad generalizations about the nature of racial/national conflict, the lack of gender-equal pay, and the folly of Luddites. A necessary conversation about stereotypes in video games is needlessly muddled by awkward rhetoric.

What was that? A-drey-drey tink der need to be a talk-e-talk 'bout vidya game stereotypes?

Yep. Because I agree that the protagonists of video games tend to fit into one category, and the villains into another. There is an internet graphic that illustrates this point...

Where I disagree with the graphic is that this is a generic White man stereotype. Instead, I see it as a swarthy every-man stereotype that could appeal to the largest number of gamers, be they Nordics, Alpines, Mediterraneans, Slavs, Turks, Jews, Arabs, Latinos, or even East Indians: short cropped, dark hair, tanned skin, five-o'clock shadow, heavy, brooding brow. These are the faces you would get if you programmed the racial characteristics of these various ethnicities into a computer and requested it output the average.

By contrast, villains are often pale - skinned, eyed, and/or haired. 7/10 of the top video game villains on this list fit that description. As a gamer, I have often encountered story lines that feature the swarthy every-man battling the evil, pallid, fascist. Consider: Risen, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age II (Kill Evil White Templars/Inquisitors in each), Wolfenstein's Jewish Aryan Blazkowicz (kill Hitler), BioShock (Kill White Dystopians), and don't get me started on how once a character turns to the dark side in every Star Wars game, s/he becomes whiter!

If anything, the most popular video games teach us that Whiteness is evil, and that the generic brown every-man always wins. And yet, that is still not enough for the MultiCult, who dream of a video game world where Negro transmen rescue Jewish American Princes from the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and plastic grocery store bags. Press up, down, down, A, A, B for unlimited smugness.

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