Friday, August 15, 2014

Sports fans are as retarded as their heroes.

This advert asks, Would you still be my fan if I looked like this?

First off, I'm not your fan now. Who are you, anyway? A refugee from Ancient Aliens? You look like an artist's reconstruction of what the Amerindian starchild looks like. What is going on here?

Quoting this article: Down syndrome eyes as selling point

[The advert] is the campaign for the upcoming Special Olympics which will be held in Belgium. The Special Olympics are for athletes with intellectual disabilities. The copy: “Would you still be a fan if I looked like this?”

The campaign has two goals, according to the agency and the organisation. They want to give Special Olympic athletes the attention they deserve. Unlike the Paralympics, the Games for athletes with intellectual disabilities are not well-known. The second goal is to break the taboo around intellectual disabilities.

Watch, and despair: 

When you are done laughing, please continue:

First problem: the campaign has unintentionally created a menagerie of freaks to haunt the dreams of children and other sensitive souls. Who in hell thought this was a good idea?

You know what I take away from this advert? Sports are for retards.

Second problem: The fact that Special Olympians are not applauded by the masses is not the problem, the problem is that the masses applaud athletes in the first place. Delving deeper:

Do we applaud people bagging groceries? Cooking dinner? Fixing cars? Constructing homes? Filling prescriptions? Conducting research? No? Why not? Do they deserve less attention than athletes? Do the athletes have more impact on your daily life?

Third problem: You retard-lovers are a bunch of freakin' liars! On the one flapping hand, you tell us that you don't have any fans. And on the other flapping hand, you tell us:

The joy of Special Olympics attracts fans from all walks of life, including some household names. World class athletes like Michael Phelps and Nadia Comaneci and entertainers like Vanessa Williams and Joe Jonas support the Special Olympics vision that sports can pave the way for acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. We also have a few royal fans. [...] Future princess of Monaco isn’t the only "royal" fan of Special Olympics. Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Amina of Morocco has been a staunch supporter for many years.

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