Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sikh Wog Drug 30 Feet By Truck, Turban Falls Off

Before we go further, let me put your mind at ease by assuring you that the turban is safe and well, resting comfortably in the care of a blind Sikh washer-woman who lost her fingers and toes to leprosy. The story from Queens, New York:

After a terrifying minute and a half, married father of two, Sandeep Singh was nearly killed Wednesday morning [30 July 2014] outside of his office on 99th Street in Ozone Park. Sandeep is now in critical condition at the hospital.

Baldey Singh was with Sandeep when he was hit by a pickup truck [...] "We just crossed in front of his car, he then slowed down," says Baldey.

Baldey says the drive
[r] then yelled a racial slur at him and his friends. Sandeep was annoyed, and with his hand, hit the truck. [...] The 29-year-old then stepped in front of the pickup truck. The driver hit the gas, and ran right over Sandeep.

Sandeep was dragged roughly 30 feet down 101st Avenue. His body finally came loose from the truck, which kept on going. [...]

"The fact that I see the way the guy dragged him, the guy has no heart, seriously - he's heartless," [...], "He was like 'I can't breathe,' he was all slashed up and cut - there was a lot of blood."

I'm sure the stench of burning curry could be detected miles away. The detail of the turban falling off came from this video. Notice any details missing from this report? A suspect has not been apprehended, but we do not know any details about him. What was his race? Appearance? Height? Weight? Accent? What was he wearing? Did he have any distinguishing marks or scars? What were the make and model of the vehicle?

And most importantly, what was the racial slur?

Hey, raghead - move it!
Hey, dothead - get on your magic carpet and fly the hell away!
Hey, Osama bin Laden - I'm drivin' here!
Hey, Ali Baba - get outta the way says-me!
Hey, Aladdin - rub your lamp and wish you weren't a moron!

Oh, media - you've failed me once again.

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  1. A follow-up to this story:

    The actual slur was "Go back to your own country, Bin Laden!"

    My guesses were pretty close.