Thursday, August 07, 2014

Russians Mock Obama with Laser Banana


President Barack Obama received birthday greetings from around the world when he turned 53 years old on Monday, but some of those wishes weren't exactly well.

In Russia, protesters used lasers to beam a crude, racist image of Obama onto the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The image showed the president in a birthday hat with a banana going in and out of his mouth followed by projections of the words "Obama" and "happy birthday" in English.

HAHAHAHAHA! Damn fine work you ballsy Ruskies! I know mine is the minority of a minority opinion, but this is what White Whateverists need to be doing in Amerikwa. This event included high technology, low comedy, and meme-friendly social activism into one attention-getting package that increases net global racism. This is the stuff that can go viral with the unawakened. But no. We will keep hanging banners about White genocide on overpasses to confuse the masses with a message of White victimization. In two days, this video on YouTube has more hits (480k) than the most viewed video on the topic of White Genocide on that website (348k visitors in 9 months).

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