Monday, August 18, 2014

Queer Eyes for No Guys

Oh boy, this is going to be dark, quoting:

Alexander Betts Jr's (16, pictured left) heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs all went to recipients when he died following a suicide attempt last year. His eyes, however, did not—because Betts was gay, the Washington Post reports.

The reason: The FDA doesn't allow gay males who've had gay sex in the past five years to donate some tissues—eyes included—due to "an increased risk for exposure" to HIV and other diseases.

But Betts' eyes were rejected because his mother couldn't say for sure that he hadn't had gay sex. Her deeper pain, of course, came from his suicide attempt and death soon after in Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

Just what's so dark here? Patience, gentle reader...

[Bett's mother Sheryl Moore] says [Alexander had] been bullied for being gay, half-black, and having a cleft [lip].

Ha! Didn't eye tell you? So, a half-black, hare-lipped faggot was bullied into committing suicide, and then had his eyeballs rejected for organ donation because his mudshark mother couldn't say for certain if her sixteen-year-old sodomite son had been sexually active. Too rich - born with a disability, mentally ill, gay, and half-black - the only way this faggot could be more a poster boy for the MultiCult would be if he were also a communist muslim. Then he could have gotten elected president (twice as we have already witnessed).

You know, this puts that old chestnut about racists and blood/organ transplants into hyperdrive.

MultiCultist:You're telling me you wouldn't accept the eyes from a suicidal, cleft-lipped, half-black faggot just because of your narrow-minded ignorance!?!

Recipient: No. I won't accept them because the FDA bans it.

MultiCultist: Yeah, right - racist!


  1. Hilarious. That little sodo-twerp would have been the Democrats'
    next Pajama Boy

    1. I am guessing pajama boy's eyes would also be rejected for transplant.