Saturday, August 09, 2014

Pranks in da hood

I enjoy prank videos on YouTube. My favorite are pranks from Brazil, perhaps because I cannot understand what the people are saying. If I did, maybe I would think they are simply fake. Now in da hood pranks, on the other hand, do not look faked. Watch as hipster doofuses approach sub-apes and borderline assault them, provoking aggressive, sometimes violent responses from said sub-apes:

Personally, I find these hood videos not so much humorous as useful for increasing net global racism. As long as non-sub-apes continue to view sub-apes as dangerous animals with blunted frontal lobes, I can rest easy at night knowing that racism is undefeatable. In that context, these videos are the honkie version of the fire challenge. Both get the message across loud and clear: niggas is worse than apes.

An interesting exchange took place between two people commenting on this video:


I don't get it. If a guy would do these things to me, I'd mostly just laugh, be baffled and have a story to tell later.

Instead, they get assaulted immediately, knives, guns, everything.

Can some cultural expert tell me WHY do they react like that? Explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old child, because I don't get it.

John Clark

[...] If you force people to go without while others around you have more than enough, you will snap and become violent immediately when someone threatens you. If that's all you've known throughout your life and have no one telling you violence is bad but and only "You are a violent asshole, ape, dehumanizing slurs" then it's pretty easy to figure out why, in this case, black youths living in the ghetto are quick to punch you in your mother fucking face for farting on them.

Not a bad explanation, John Clark. But then, who is it telling ghetto-dwellers violence is the answer, and that they are not completely human? Especially since speech such as that can get average people arrested (in Europe, Canada, and Australia for example), fired, kicked out of school, and/or attacked by antifa. Q: Just who is it perpetuating the cycle of violence, and telling Negroes they are thugs and trash? A: The Mormons who run Hollywood, no doubt.

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