Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the Topic of Dissenting Negroes

I found this on YouTube today: Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters

Change is not going to come until we change it. You understand what I'm sayin'?

No. I don't understand that first sentence, but I find the rest of your aggravated declarations both illuminating and amusing. However, not all YouTubers share my views. On that note, you may enjoy the comment sideshow this video is generating.


  1. Looks like Reverend Manning at ATLAH ministries may have a competitor. Blacks just don't fit in a White civilization but they never had to turn out this bad. It's a shame the black community has the leaders it does, if only more of them would figure out who gave these "leaders" prominence in the first place. But Oy Vey most will never get it and the hour grows late.

    The train wreck is coming.

    1. Very good point. Those so-called leaders are a bunch of money grubbing kosher clowns.