Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Muh Dick ... just fell off

Today, I found an article from last August entitled: The boys who lost their manhood - initiation schools in rural South Africa.

The article details how the revival of tribal membership rituals among young South Oogaa-Boogians has led to a dramatic increase in botched circumcisions, leading to penile disfigurement and death.


Xhobiso Pungulwa (18) [...] had been in hospital for two "pain-filled" weeks. [...] Pungulwa's uncle and brother were to visit him for the first time the next day. He had something to show them – something that required careful storage. [...] The plastic encased a pitch-black, rotten chunk of flesh. "My penis."

So how did these geniuses try to fix the situation?

"They bought muti from a traditional healer. He said the muti would make my penis grow back."

But the traditional medicine did not work.

Then Pungulwa's family made contact with "a Nigerian guy" in Flagstaff who claimed he had the solution.

"He told them he can make my penis grow back but he needs a cow or R9000 cash," said Pungulwa.

Amusing as they may be, misconceptions are not merely limited to regenerative miracles:

I struggle to ejaculate," said Sicelo Thafeni (20), his eyes barely emerging from a back-to-front blue cap. "Before this happened to me it was easy and quick."

He lost the head of his penis at an initiation school in the Flagstaff area last year. [...] Thafeni said his friends laugh at his short penis. But, he added: "I've found a way to deal with my girlfriend. [...] She believes circumcised penises are shorter and I've told her it's true."

Hell, our media overlords have got half the Western World believing black men are gods of sex, who are these African peasants to doubt anything they are told about the mythic black phallus?

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