Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cougar (After) Life

Have you seen that commercial for Cougar Life, in which a menopausal former pornstar, Julia Ann, shoves her burger into the face of a young chingy-chong who shrieks "Ugh, meat!"?

Kinda weird, right? Paging Dr. Freud - sometimes a burger is just a burger. Perhaps it is less disturbing to others, but I'm sorry, this mature actress and her hamburger sadomasochism brings up memories of my horrible recurring nightmare of being aggressively stalked by Judith Light at a Red Robin. (((shudder)))

Precisely what is the point of older women getting it on with younger men? I suppose humans have sexual needs that must be addressed, and an older woman willing to put out would theoretically be more desirable for a younger man than a younger woman who is not willing to put out. To that end, the philosophy of Cougar Life may be best expressed: The field may be dry and barren, but it still likes to get plowed and seeded every now and then. And how convenient that such a union squares so nicely with efforts to advance non-procreative sex in the Western World. Convenient indeed.

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