Monday, August 04, 2014

Clarence Washington: More New Black Standard of Sanity

Why the short one so much darker than the tall one? That dark ass little nigga ain't mine I bet.

Who says only Chalkies shoot up their families? Select the "New Black Standard of Sanity" label on this blog, and I will provide you with plenty of evidence to the contrary. Quoting:

CULPEPER COUNTY, Va. (WJLA/AP) - Two adults and three children were found dead in a house off Rixeyville Road in an unincorporated portion of Culpeper County in an apparent murder-suicide. [...]

A family member discovered the bodies of the two adults, both 35, and three school-aged children Sunday night, according to the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office. All five were found with gunshot wounds.

Police believe the husband, Clarence Washington, 35, shot and killed his family before shooting himself. The other four victims have been identified as Shauna Washington, 35, and their daughters Omesha, 13, Onya, 6, and Olivia, 4.

Clarence worked as a custodian at Culpeper County Schools.

Clarence Washington's last words before shooting himself: "They ain't 'nuff sawdust in the world help clean up dis mess." According to this source, Washington wouldn't let his woman out of their marriage. Ha! A black man who wants to get married, let alone stay married - now we know for sure he was insane.

Why is it necessary to provide this evidence of the New Black Standard of Sanity? Well - when Chalkies kill people, 9/10 times it is because they are crazy, and 1/10 times it is because they are criminal trash. Negroes reverse this dynamic - 9/10 times they are criminal trash (Niggers) and 1/10 times they are crazy. This has given Whites an unfair reputation as crazy, and Negroes as gansta. CDN argues that the sheer volume of crazy is still heavily in favor of Negroes, it's just their ratio of criminal:crazy is skewed toward the criminal, which tends to bury the crazy. 

Hence, CDN provides you these New Black Standard of Sanity posts to counter the evil pro-White media, which doesn't want you to know of the tragic mental health problems of the African American community.


  1. You are very interesting Adrean. Somehow, through reading through the context for your niche ideals: I never quite understood what you were trying to relay. They way you talk about races, seems to me, as you are not truly a racist, but an observer of the racist mind. You throw metaphors and epithets together like sloppy joes, but the underlying thesis of your beliefs never seem to metabolise into a solid offering. Maybe, you should start posting more about what you consider white to be. The generalizations you make are so broad they seem hyperbolic, and unfocused. Write a memoir on what you believe white is, and when that line has crossed into another race, and what negative predisposition that ethnicity propagates. I highly doubt you will come out with something as complicated as Francis Galding. But I would love to read your problem solving logic for a world enveloped in ever-growing multiculturalism.

  2. Francis Galton I meant. attribute all my misspellings , and typographical errors to the fact that I'm a heinz 57. Because your simple mind can only see color not context.

    1. Well, how delightful to converse with someone who finds me both very interesting and at the same time a simple-minded sloppy joe sous-chef!

      I don't penalize people for spelling or grammar mistakes, though I do request clarification of points I feel are being impeded by a language barrier.

      My own language barriers are summed thusly: White Trash English + Environmental Exposure to American Negro English + American Public Education. I apologize if I have confused you, as that was not my intention.

      What is White? I refer you to 1984:
      "If I think I float, and you think I float, then it happens."

      I am a racist. I believe anyone capable of distinguishing races is a racist. Some would argue that being able to distinguish races is not enough, that one race must be judged as superior to another. My response is that all humans make value judgments constantly and attribute those judgments broadly. Example: A: "I like apples." B: "Well, here are some rotten ones." A: "Well, I don't like them apples."

      The goal of my blog is to at least reinforce existing racism, or to hopefully make visitors more racist by the time they leave - even if they just post a "Fuck you racist cracker!" message and then pat themselves on the back for not being racist like me.

      Increasing racism is the answer "for a world enveloped in ever-growing multiculturalism." Please, go forth, and spread my message!

      And please, do stop by again for a chat. I will do my best to keep up with you.

  3. Speaking of Black Standards of sanity, The Burr Oak Cemetery in Chicongo is back in the news:

    1. Good find! What a pandering sack of excrement.

      As an aside, I enjoyed this line from Tom Dart's website: "...we also found Emmett Till's original casket rotting in a barn, with animals living in it."

      Ha, how appropriate!